Dark Energy

The Universal Belief

By understanding what is experienced as the universe, the world in which we live, in a different way than we currently do, both natural events such as Gravity and so-called supernatural events can be fully understood. The word ‘belief‘ is actually an unconscious function of mind, although it is more often used incorrectly to indicate the conscious function of thought. A unconscious belief is like software running in a computer.

Instead of following the current trend of assuming the universe to be a consequence of objective fact independent of humanity, it is understood in this work to be a consequence of collective belief very much dependent upon humanity, with reality being established by means of a perceptual consensus in the form of a subliminal coercive interaction between all the minds of humanity. This means that humanity itself plays a major role in the creation of what it perceives and thinks of as the ‘physical‘ reality of the universe.

What is actually being perceived is a shared Universal Belief within the collective mind of humanity: a relative, collective ‘dream-like world.‘ Software running within a human mind is perceived as the universe within a human brain as if it was outside the body, just as sleeping dreams are. The reason why objects in that world seem so solid to the sense of touch, having mass and inertia, requires a different understanding of the electrostatic field and the nature of matter.

The Universal Belief is not a fixed belief but is continually enhanced by the coercive interaction. This is perceived as an expanding universe. Before we can become conscious of new ‘discoveries‘, the appropriate components have to be created within the Universal Belief by the unconscious human imagination, which is just as creative as the conscious counterpart, and maybe even more so.

The Universal Belief is a conflicting logical structure in its present form, and is perceived as reality, which is also a conflicting logical structure. This is because it has been created by minds that are conflicting logical structures within themselves. Enhancement lowers the level of conflict with the Universal Belief. When we can think in this different way, we realize that the so-called Dark Energy that fills the universe is the same energy that empowers the coercive interaction between all the minds of humanity.

The definition of Reality is the potential Universal Belief created by the potential collective mind of humanity when each individual mind is an integrated logical system within itself. Minds living closer to Reality than other minds around them will automatically enhance the Universal Belief, without the need for the conscious involvement of any human mind.

There are four main ways in which the Universal Belief can become enhanced:

  1. By the ‘Normal’ interaction within the unconscious collective mind of humanity, which is responsible for creating everything perceived as real, including components such as light photons, which are inadvertently presumed to have been in existence since the ‘beginning’, whatever that means, technological innovations and the engendering of new ‘discoveries’ in due course. We are all involved in this type of interaction.

  2. By the aid of a proxy interaction, an intermediary, in the form of a second mind within certain human brains, when viewed from the superficial perspective of the ‘real self‘. This is a consequence of the human brain being in two hemispheres, each with a degree of autonomy within itself. Proxies form a bridge between an individual human mind and Reality. When viewed from the deeper perspective of the ‘essence of the real self,’ the proxy is a separate individual living closer to Reality than the host individual and having a permanent relationship with him or her. One in twenty have various ‘shades’ of this interaction as a family trait and is considered to be a gift. This is the realm of the Prophets, Angels and Extra-terrestrial life forms and is responsible for the phenomenon of religious spirituality, but it is an interaction that becomes tainted by speculation from the host mind which is not living close enough to Reality. However this type of interaction with Reality can produce spectacular supernatural events, but for some it is also the realm of schizophrenia.

  3. By means of a direct interaction between an upgraded human mind and Reality; this is the realm of spirituality beyond religion. This is the interaction that engenders healing supernatural events on a grand scale, as demonstrated by Jesus of Nazareth.

  4. By the fragmented ‘polarised’, individual or collective, mind of humanity, the conscious and unconscious. This is the interaction that causes all the trials and tribulations of humanity, and sometimes great emotional healing, because the unconscious collective mind creates the future in the form of the logical consequences of the unRealistically motivated conscious collective mind of humanity. Basically, this is because reality is a conflicting logical structure. When this fragmentation is 'healed' we live in our Real self, in the spirit of Reality. This doesn't just change us, but also the world in which we live.

There is no noticeable difference between living in an objective universe or a universal belief as far as so-called natural events are concerned, but it requires a quantum leap in thought to understand the actual difference. With this new way of thinking about space, time and what we perceive as real, we take a fresh look at the nature of matter, light, the gravitational field and electrostatic field, etc. And why we perceive the speed of light to be about 186,282.4 miles per second. We can even give significance to that so called dark energy that fills the universe. It is shown how humanity itself has a hand in shaping the ultimate reality, referred to as Reality, beyond space and time. Science is shown to be studying just one segment (our world) of a very large array of relative realities.

The universe that we perceive to be real is a collective belief referred to as the Universal Belief, which contains the universe, both present and past, and also each of our ‘physical bodies’ (real selves). Within the universal belief, our bodies are 'pushed' onto the surface of the Earth according to the law of gravity. Our perception that our real selves are attracted to the ground by a gravitational field is due to our inadvertent belief in an objective universe outside the real self. This is the same universal belief from which supernatural events emanate, but in this case the universal belief is enhanced unbeknownst to bystanders who witness strange new events without an understanding of them, so such events are thought of as miracles.

This new way of thinking brings science, spirituality and religion into one overall understanding. Everything that mankind has ever experienced, both natural and supernatural, can be explained with it.

In this new way of thinking, God is thought of and experienced as the spirit of Reality— if indeed we need to use the word God at all— where Reality is a non conflicting logical structure at the boundary of the Reality of our real world of space and time. It is shown how the spirit of Reality relates to the gods of the various religions. We, as individuals, can get to live in Reality by living in our Real self as an integral part of Reality in much the same way as did that controversial historic figure, Jesus of Nazareth, who demonstrated a direct interaction with Reality.

These new ideas clearly show that there can never be a conscious understanding of the truth about Reality or the universe, because the most any individual can have is the Real self which is only an integral part of Reality and not the whole of it, but we can live in the truth which is Reality by living in our Real self. What makes Reality the truth is its logical integrity.

Have you ever wondered if everything you think you know is really true? Is it possible that there might be a better, more complete understanding of how the world works than what we unthinkingly assume?

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