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Book Review by Paul Kruse
Where Angels Fear to Tread, by Alex Morrey

As a lifelong seeker of spiritual truth for some four decades and counting, I’ve read hundreds of books, attended countless classes and meetings of various orthodox and mystical traditions, and learned and experienced many spiritual practices and beliefs.  Along the way, I’ve experienced many highs and lows, some of them very high and becoming increasingly so as I mature in my quest for enlightenment.  I’m also a scientist by education and an engineer by profession.

With that background, I can truly and honestly declare that “Where Angels Fear to Tread,” by Alex Morrey, is a truly excellent and enlightening book. 

The masters of the mystical traditions all teach the same thing, but each does so in a different spiritual language.  These languages are almost always esoteric, which means that it is very difficult for one not initiated into that tradition to understand.  These are mostly systems of symbols, metaphors, allegories, parables, and other figures of speech—myths, legends, and fairy tales if you please.  They often have a superficial surface meaning, which if taken literally can lead to the establishment of yet another orthodox tradition—which is like a child believing Snow White or Santa Claus to be living real people who do magical things.  But like the classic children’s fairy tales, they have a much more important meaning buried deep below the surface, which is their real message.  The better a seeker learns to understand the code of the esoteric language, the deeper the truths he/she can glean from these myths and legends.  But without the code, nothing important can be understood.

Alex has done an extremely valuable service to modern truth seekers who do not understand these ancient esoteric languages so well.  He as stated the same truths as all the mystical masters, but he has done so in clear language easily understood by any educated person in the modern world.  Since it is impossible to communicate profound spiritual truths using any natural language, all the masters have had to invent models upon which and around which they built their system.  Alex does the same, but he does so in the tradition of modern math and science—clear and easy to understand.  Many times while reading his text, something would suddenly click in my mind and I understood clearly what an ancient master had taught long ago.

Alex’s theory puts forth the same ideas that have developed through the mystical traditions for thousands of years.  But he does so in a manner easy to understand.  Like any other scientist putting forth hypotheses and theories, he leaves them to the reader to test and to contemplate on their own.  Accept them or reject them as you are moved to do, but any honest person must respect them.  Alex comfortably fits all religion and philosophy, all math and science, and all history and political science nicely into his theoretical model.  This may very well be the long sought-after “Unified Theory of Everything;” but in a form far different than envisioned by other seekers of Everything, and with a scope far exceeding the limits of their imaginations.

Paul Kruse, Florida 9th January 2010
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Author Celebrity Associates is proud to introduce our newest concept for the silver screen, WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD by acclaimed author Alex J. Morrey.

Once or twice in a lifetime a concept comes along that is so stunning and so insightful that audiences are as amazed by the thinker as they are by the idea. This is one of those times.

where angels fear to treadThere is not one scientist on the planet today that will tell you that they completely understand Quantum Physics, or Relativity or, for that matter, evolution. So where does that leave us? Alex J. Morrey answers that question and many more in his ground-breaking book.

In a time when networks and studios are crying out for more compelling and more controversial documentaries, here is a sensation waiting to be discovered.

Alex J. Morrey writes from a scientist’s perspective and takes us through what science can and cannot explain. Then he asks a series of fundamental questions about reality including, “Is this life only a dream-like existence? What is the Dark Energy that fills the universe? Are we influenced by the values and beliefs of the masses?” All of this leading up to the ultimate questions, “What is God?”

Alex J. Morrey is no stranger to science. His educational credits include bachelor's degree in physics and mathematics from the University of London. Also a world-traveler, the author presently makes his home in Shanklin, on the Isle of Wight, UK.

Brien Jones
Author Celebrity Associates
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April 22, 2009






  Review of Where Angels Fear to Tread by Kirkus Discoveries May 11, 2008


A book that probes great philosophical issues and offers intriguing, if dubious, answers. Humans have long been curious about life’s mysteries—why so many suffer, our purpose on earth and how a feeling or thought that has importance one day can shift as fast as the tides. One has to admire the audacity in promising answers that philosophers, scientists and theologians (as well as the average man or woman) have been unable to produce, particularly when the author doesn’t state his educational credentials or affiliation. Indeed, this book might offer hope to those who fear that asking deep questions about life’s meaning requires a lofty pedigree. In fact, Socrates had no sanction from the Athenian state or its academies. However, Morrey lacks Socrates’ greatest characteristic—humility. The book has not one but four alternate titles (Where Only Angels Tread, The Perceptual Conspiracy, Beyond Science and Religion and Politics), suggesting an odd bout of indecision from a man who otherwise appears to know everything. Not only does he discourse on the true nature of God, ESP, the collective unconscious, dreams and what he calls “no-mindedness,” he offers advice for those who wish to “upgrade” their reality. If only readers could download this vast knowledge into their veiled minds, then they could move beyond the shackles of education and the boundaries of the senses. While the word is still out on a computer’s capacity to mimic, or surpass, the human mind’s learning process, it’s hard to swallow a philosophy that reduces life’s greatest struggles to technical jargon like brain “upgrades.” Certainly there is much to applaud in seeking difficult answers and questioning norms, but claiming to have found solutions with such certainty implies either harmless ignorance or harmful desire. Is the author a mere seeker like the rest of us, or is he soliciting yet another offbeat cult to bandage the pain of living? Offers answers to all of life’s big questions, but may leave readers skeptical.


Kirkus Discoveries, Nielsen Business Media, 770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003




5.0 out of 5 stars awesome, August 30, 2009

By  Magdalena Rodriguez "hugybooky" (Hudson NY)   

He takes us out of our confotables way of accepting life the way we think and feel it is and make us understand what lies beneath the limitation of our collective, progaramed, limited minds. Alex makes us "think" twice when we are at the verge of giving a preconceived statement about any question related to God, the world, the universe. I recomend this book to those that wont accept a "no" or "yes" for answer.

Go ahead and enjoy this puzzled.


Just completed my first reading of this book. I was very impressed by the entire theme and the underlying topics. I will be checking in to see if there are any discussions more current than 2007. Thanks Mr. Morrey!

Elbesino Feb. 3 2008

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Dr. Véronique Martin, Ph.D.

"A fascinating exploration of consciousness and "Reality" (as opposed to "reality", the consensual set of appearances that surrounds and defines us). A well written, clear and user friendly book that reveals an original conception of the universe, our world, our essence and the purpose of our life, that is very thought provoking and coherent as well as completely "out of the box".

A highly recommended read for any thinker or seeker who wants to stretch their mind and open previously closed doors onto new and exciting horizons."

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Graham E Pepall, Worthing, UK. August 2008

If you are a searcher, this book gives answers - read it with an open mind and spirit.

I think this book has an important message to present to the world - one that is hard to believe as it seems to fly in the face of all that we have accepted as our view of reality from the start of our individual lives.

If we begin to believe in this concept of a universal belief system and all that is connected, then it literally cuts the ground from beneath our feet, so we are disorientated - our safe and secure worldview is turned upside-down and we will be forced to see science and spirituality as a partnership in order to, once more, find a solid platform to stand upon.

Although Alex Morrey's presentation of his ideas is clear and understandable, the basic concept is completely alien to our presently accepted thinking - but if you can persist reading with an open and unbiased mind you can be changed - I was, so why not many other perceptive readers.

I had written a book in 2007, and published early 2008, which posed questions about the paranormal, UFO's, synchronicity etc.,- questions I found reflected in Alex Morrey's book (which I had discovered only recently)

These questions were, for me, conceptually answered by his explanations of "reality" ­ (and Reality) ­ and my "gut feeling" towards my situation was significantly explained by reading this unique book; so if you can maintain an open, unbiased and detached approach when reading you will greatly benefit from it - but please do not be afraid to put aside all your preconceptions....

Review Graham Pepall's book.


The New York Times Review

Ellen Tanner Marsh, Best Selling Author

What is reality? Is what we see really what is truly there? Not according to Alex Morrey’s thought-provoking new book, Where Angels Fear To Tread. The Nature of Reality and the Meaning of God.

Forget what you think you know about the universe. Our universe, according to Morrey, is a consequence of our collective space-time beliefs. What we see and feel and sense are not really based on objective fact at all, but rather on our shared “universal belief” that reveals to us a reality we’ve all seemingly agreed to accept.

But what about the greater reality, one that encompasses dreams, psychic phenomena and precognitive dreaming? Can we be consciously aware of both the real world and this dream world? And how do we get closer to this ultimate reality, which encompasses both?

Morrey’s book is filled with fascinating accounts of how the human brain can shape our world. True Reality in theological terms. Morrey says, is nothing less than “the mind of God,” with Jesus of Nazareth as an example of how we should aspire to live within it, as a Real self. But can we make inroads to this Reality? Can we heal ourselves and, as good Christians or better still Realists, heal the world as well? Morrey’s prose is clear-eyed, inspirational and so provocatively smart that it’s downright exhilarating. Read this book and you’ll never look at the world the same way again.



Press Release

The Universe, although real, is an illusion

Where Angels Fear to Tread by Alex J. Morrey examines the nature of reality and the meaning of God from the viewpoints of scientific and personal perception.

WINTERVILLE , GEORGIA - Where Angels Fear to Tread delves into the universal questions about the nature of reality, the meaning of God, and the truth of human existence from the viewpoints of scientific and personal perception .

Individually and collectively, we take for granted the objective nature of the universe, a world that is supposed to have been in existence for some 17 billion years. Using physics and science, Alex Morrey demonstrates that the universe is an illusion created by a subliminal mind-to-mind “coercive interaction” between all the individual minds that make up the collective mind of humanity. He states that the interaction establishes a shared Universal Belief, which is perceived as reality at the seat of consciousness within each individual human brain. The universe is shown to be of the same nature as a dream world. He further shows how dream-like objects in a dream-like-world, can exhibit mass, inertia, feel solid, and be perceived as real .

Says Morrey, “Reality cannot be contained within a single individual mind; the most we can have is the Real self which is only an integral part of Reality and not the whole of it, so we can never understand Reality. It is in theological terms the mind of God.” He further states that while mankind cannot understand the truth of existence, he can “live in that truth by living in his Real self, which is an integral part of Reality.” He perceives Jesus of Nazareth as having demonstrated this direct interaction with Reality.

What is God? Why do we perceive objects as solid, when in truth, they are not? Where does religion fit in? Are we influenced by mass beliefs? Can we influence our own life events? Where Angels Fear to Tread provides answers to these questions in a provocative and powerful manner that will captivate and enrich the lives of truth seekers everywhere.

Where Angels Fear to Tread is available for sale online at Amazon.com, Borders.com, BookSurge.com, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

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