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Universal Belief

The Nature Of Reality

Alex J Morrey

In this work the world in which we live the universe in the greater sense is being considered to be a consequence of collective belief and this belief is an unconscious belief much like software running within in a computer but a computer has no innate consciousness with which to perceive its belief. The unconscious belief “running” within a human mind is being referred to as the universal belief (UB) that can be perceived by the innate consciousness of a human mind as the world in which that mind together with its physical attributes (real self) is living, although real it is a virtual world. Actually it takes the entire collective unconscious mind of all humanity to contain the whole UB; an individual unconscious mind can only contain an instance but integral part of the Universal Belief.

The UB is “created” or more precisely “engendered” into being by a coercive interaction between all the unconscious minds (imaginations) of humanity by perceptual consensus if you will. It is this perceptual consensus that is perceived as reality: The world in which we live. In its current form reality is a conflicting “logical” structure because it has been engendered into being by individual human minds that are conflicting “logical” structures within themselves. However, when each individual becomes an integrated “logical” structure within itself the “reality” that is engendered also becomes an integrated “logical” structure being referred to as Reality.

It is the spirit of Reality that is identical which the Holy Spirit (God) within at least Christian theology. The word “engendered” is being used instead of “created” because the spirit of Reality is critically involved in the coercive interaction that creates the UB. It works like this. The spirit of Reality potentially upgrades each conflicting human unconscious mind into a fully integrated “logical” structure and then “stores” a copy of it as an integral part as its own mind that is Reality. This integral part is being referred to as the Real self of a particular individual mind as apposed to the real self it subtends in reality.

In theology the Real self is referred to as the Son of Man and is a integral part of Reality it is also being referred to as a Son of God, a smaller but integrated part of the whole, much like a father and son relationship in human terms. The coercive interaction can be thought of as a loving, healing partnership between the spirit of Reality and humanity (mankind) and it is this relationship that allows us to have free will. One of the implications of this is that even God cannot predict the future because there is no objective future it is engendered by the subliminal coercive interaction of the whole of humanity itself.

The coercive interaction is an ongoing interaction the result of which is perceived as an expanding universe in the form of new discoveries and technological innovations. There is only here and now in Reality which is also the case in reality, what is considered to be the past and future is in the perception of the UB from the point of view of the here and now which implies that the so-called past is an insubstantial structure as apposed to concrete objective “fact.” This implies that the past is perceived to be real because we have come to collective and unconsciously believe it its reality and not because it has been in existence from the beginning, whatever that means.

The UB is continually being “enhanced” into a lower conflicting state by certain “gifted” individual human minds that happen to be living a little closer to Reality than the other minds around them.  It is this that engenders new technology and new “discoveries” in due course. If it so happens that a particular individual human mind is living very much closer to Reality, for some reason, than the other minds around it, a so-called supernatural event can take place and be witnessed by all concerned. This is not considered to be a technological innovation in this case because there is no conscious understanding of the process taking place within the collective mind involved.

Thinking in this way gives us a very different “infrastructure” in which to think about our world that give answers to the ultimate questions, unlike the space/time, atomic “infrastructure” that we use at present. This doesn't’t make the current infrastructure obsolete it just puts it into a bigger picture. Facts are still facts within the new way of thinking but such facts are facts of unconscious belief as apposed to objective “concrete” facts which make them candidates for enhancement which means that the so-called laws of nature can be changed by enhancement under certain circumstances.

When an individual mind is upgraded, by one means or another, into living very much closer to Reality than usual, the UB will be automatically and subliminally enhanced into a lower level of conflict by such a mind/person, so-called supernatural events will be witnessed by all concerned. For example, the law of gravity can be enhanced temporally in such a way that would allow “certain” people to walk on water. Again, by enhancing the mass of material objects to be zero, the speed of light can be greatly surpassed. This is in effect so-called psycho-kinesis and as long as the level of conflict within the UB is reduced it will be affective as I've already said above and the event will be creative or healing or both. If we try to deploy psycho-kinesis at the service of conscious thought the chances are that nothing will happen because the coercive interaction will intercede since it would increase the level of conflict within the UB which would be harmful and maybe disastrous so it will not be allowed to take place. The coercive interaction can be thought of as a protective safety net for humanity.

A large collective mind however can inadvertently enhance the UB in a detrimental way that actually increase the level of conflict within it usually with dyer consequences when the matter is redressed by the “logical” consequences of such unRealistic motivation. This is the enhancement that causes all disasters and the demise of all civilizations that are ruled by a unRealistically motivated collective governing process. In theology it provides scientific understanding of, for example, the so-called book of revelation.

One may well ask: What is the bottom line of all of this, how can it benefit an individual human mind/being?  The coercive interaction will not intervene as we "move" closer to Reality by allowing our polarized mind (the conscious and unconscious) to heal and become one integrated mind that operates inevitably below awareness level, we then become our Real self. We seem to be motivated by unconscious forces, this is why such a state is referred to as living in the spirit of Reality because this is what it feels like. It is the most enlightened state that any life form can "attain" but as long as there is the slightest conscious involvement there will be no change because the mind can't heal under such conditions and we just stay as we are. 

In the book Where Angels Fear To Tread the new infrastructure is deployed to explain a range of events from many different perspectives throughout the book. 

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