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Universal Belief

The Nature of Light

Alex J Morrey

In the Bible we read that God said “let there be light” and there was light. Whether we believe literally in that story or not it tends to fashion the way we think about light and the universe and how it came to be in the form of an objective universe which has been in existence since the beginning, what ever that means. If it read, God said let there be consciousness and there was consciousness, it would be more to the point, because consciousness is not only the essence of light, ultimately it is light. In order to understand this we need a deeper perspective than current scientific speculation can provide.

We all perceive the world in which we live, in the greater sense the universe, as reality and all the objects that make up reality are perceived as real objects. The question we need to ask is why are they real? Currently we assume that objects in the universe are real because they are components of an objective ‘physical’ universe that has been in existence since the beginning but just suppose that instead of assuming this to be the case we think that objects are real because we have come to collectively ‘believe’ in their reality and this belief is an unconscious belief that I refer to as the universal belief (UB) within the collective unconscious mind of humanity. When the universal belief, or more precisely an instances of it, within an individual human brain is perceived by the innate consciousness within a individual human brain, it is perceived as the world in which that individual brain together with its body is living.

Facts such as the speed of light being 299,792 kps and the so-called law of gravity are still facts within the UB, the difference being that facts with the UB can be enhanced by certain minds that happen to be living closer to Reality then other minds around them. The process is subliminal and automatic and this is why those involved in this kind of interaction credit God with the ‘supernatural’ events that result, because they have no conscious awareness of the process taking place.

I refer to a human body together with its brain etc., as the ‘real self’ which is just another object, be it a living object, that is perceived as real by the innate consciousness emanating from what I refer to as the ‘essences of the real self’ (ERS) which underlies each individual real self, the ERS is what some religious people refer to as soul. It is the ERS which is the essence of our being and when we identify our being as the ERS instead of the real self we are able to ‘look’ at the world from a deeper perspective. This implies that the real self is also a component part of the universal belief.

When we ‘look’ at the real self together with the world through the conscious ‘eye’ of the ERS we are able to ‘look’ at the human eye with its retina and optic nerve connection to the ERS from a different perspective. There are something like 120 million photo receptors on the retina and only about 1.2 million nerve fibers to connect the signals from the retina to the consciousness of the ERS which means that the signals from the retina must be ‘multiplexed’ down the optic nerve to the ERS. This arrangement in effect slows down the light of direct conscious perception of the world of the ERS to the speed of light perceived by the real self. The light of direct conscious perception is actually instantaneous because it is the datum of the measurement of speed. This implies that light photons are also part of the universal belief which have also been previously enhanced into being by certain ‘gifted’ members of the coercive interaction between all human minds.

From this deeper perspective the universe of the so-called past is also a component of the universal belief (UB) which implies that space and time itself is also part of the universal belief. This is why I say that there is only here and now in reality as well as in the ultimate reality I refer to as Reality in which there is a zero level of conflict. The conflicting nature of reality is a consequence of the conflicting nature of the unconscious minds that are ‘creating’ it by perceptual consensus. The UB of the past is being unconsciously ‘enhanced’ step by step into a lower conflicting state by ‘gifted’ unconscious human minds that are living a little closer to Reality than the other minds around them. Within the UB of the past, light photons ‘were’ enhanced or created into being real by certain ‘gifted’ unconscious minds before they could be ‘discovered’ by other conscious human minds in due course. This is how the whole of reality came to be, ‘created’ or more precisely ‘engendered’ by humanity itself in the here and now.

Being able to identify our being with the ERS is what the essence of all ‘religions’ aspire to bring about within each one of us and amounts to the highest form of enlightenment that can be ‘attained’ by any life form. Living as the ERS will automatically enhance the UB in a way that will be perceived in due course by all these involved but without understanding, as a so-called super natural ‘healing’ event. With understanding the enhancement would be perceived as technological innovation. When belief enhancement changes the location of an individual real self from one location to another, it will be perceived by all those involved in the event as faster than the speed of light travel or even time travel. Such events have already taken place as recorded by various scriptures.

For a collective mind such as that of science to achieve faster than light travel it will not be possible until the that collective mind has upgraded its members very much closer to Reality that it is currently and the necessary components have been enhanced into the UB as new technology. If science continues to think of the universe as a consequence of object fact it will think that it has discovered the new technology which has been in existence from the beginning. The reason why an individual mind can ‘upgrade’ closer to Reality faster then the group is because belief enhancement doesn’t increase the level of conflict within the UB so that the coercive interaction does not intercede. In a way the coercive interaction acts as a safety net for humanity.

The theory of the universal belief (UB) requires a very different infrastructure than current scientific understanding which is based on the conscious collective belief that the universe is a consequence of objective fact perceived as reality and that it is made up of an array of real atoms, photons and sub atom particles within a fabric of space and time.

The theory of the UB on the other hand is based on a different understanding of how reality came to be, as a consequence of unconscious collective belief in the form of a subliminal coercive interaction between all the minds of humanity established by perceptual consensus. The reality of the UB is a conflicting ‘logical’ structure in its present state because it has been ‘created’ by individual minds that are conflicting ‘logical’ systems within them selves, and is the best that can be achieved without negating free will. The concept of Reality is the potential Real collective mind of humanity where each unique individual mind in a non conflicting ‘logical’ system within itself referred to as the Real self.

In theological terms the Real self is the so-called Son of man in Christian circles and the so-called Buddha in Buddhist circles. It is the spirit of Reality that is God which underlies all religions with Reality being thought of as the Mind of God. In Buddhist circles the spirit of Reality is considered to be the essence of Mind. In practice both apply to the same state of consciousness. Although we can never have a individual conscious understanding of Reality because the Real self is not only below the level of conscious awareness but it is the most integrated unconscious understanding that we can have but it is only an integrated part of Reality and not the whole of it. We can however live in or very close to Reality by actually living in our Real self as an integral part of Reality, as a unique individual in total harmony with all other unique Real selves. This is of course what is meant as being a Son of God in Christian terms.

This is just a bit mind bending and this is what is meant by thinking outside the box into which we have been inadvertently indoctrinated, using a metaphysical approach.

The book examines the answers to such ultimate questions and challenges us to think beyond the accepted ways of conscious belief or thought.

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