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Universal Belief

The Meaning Of Life

Alex J Morrey

What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? What is our purpose in life? Many ask these questions, and it seems that few are able to find the answers. In a world that is ever increasing in complexity, a world of science and technology, a world that has split the atom and explored space, it is unsettling that we still struggle with these questions that probe the depths of our souls and beings.

In my book, Where Angels Fear To Tread, I ask these soul-searching questions and suggest a new way of looking at life, its meaning and purpose. I examine the nature of reality, the meaning of God, and the healing that comes by living in, or very close to, Reality. Reality as apposed to reality is a new concept that needs to be understood in order to attain our hearts desire as a unique individual in harmony with other unique individuals and with Reality.

The book is not about religion, but talks about spirituality in a scientific way. It challenges many of the traditional ways of thought and even the belief systems of our time. It goes beyond religion and even science to help us be true to what we really need to believe in.

The answer to the question revolves around the ‘living fact’ that in the here and now I like the reader is bestowed with consciousness and will as a ‘fact’ of experience. So we each need to ask the question how did I come to be in the so-called here and now. This is the only question that need be answered and the answer is a so-called living answer and not an intellectual one.

To ‘truly’ understand the answer to such a question we need to realize that the most integrated ‘knowledge’ that we can ever have is the ‘logic’ contained within the Real self which is only an integral part of truth that is Reality and not the whole of it. Further more the Real self is totally below the level of awareness which means that we can never have an integrated conscious understanding of the truth, meaning and purpose of our lives but we can live in the truth by living in our Real self as an integral part of Reality. Eternal life doesn’t mean living for ever somewhere it means living outside space and time in the here and now and ultimately in Reality. This is exactly what Jesus of Nazareth is trying to get across once we can disentangle the ‘message’ from all of the religious propaganda into which we have all become inadvertently indoctrinated by the so-called ‘education’ system under the pretext of faith.

After reading this book the reader will come to realize that life does have a meaning and a purpose beyond the mundane, although we are unable to consciously understand that meaning and purpose we are able to live in that meaning by living in our Real self. In order to live in the Real self we need to allow our polarized mind, the conscious and unconscious, to merge into one integrated mind below awareness level.

The book examines the answers to these questions and challenges us to think beyond the accepted ways of belief.

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