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Universal Belief

The Meaning Of God

Alex J Morrey

What is the meaning of God? This is a question that many people do not consider valid. Those who say they do believe in God feel that they do not need to answer such a question and those who don't believe in God consider the question to be totally irrelevant.

On another level, some who say that they believe in God do not actually believe in God but rather in the existence of God which is not at all the same thing. Believing that water exists in a desert is one thing. Drinking that water is another. When we do actually believe in God, God becomes real for us and we become changed.

In the book, Where Angels Fear to Tread, we ask the question "What is the meaning of God?" The question is not semantic, but rather personal, global, and life-changing. God is Sprit and when we really believe in God, we live in the Spirit. We need to understand the precise meaning of belief and faith. We tend to use the word "belief" very loosely. For example, we believe it will rain or believe everything will work out. And, when it comes to believing in God, the meaning is very diluted.

Why is it important? Truly believing in God results in changing us and changing the world around us. Two people who discuss whether what they believe is good or evil can approach this from their own subjective positions. For one, it may be "good to lie" and for another it may be "evil to lie." What determines the reality behind the question? Neither subjective response is adequate in and of itself, because both "believe" in their positions. However, when you introduce a much larger and objective position, both people are healed when they truly believe.

If we really wish to attain our hearts' desires then we need to change our thinking and motivation by allowing our minds and our beings to heal. This change goes beyond religion and science. And, it has to start with a choice.

My book examines the meaning of God and challenges us to think beyond the accepted ways of belief.

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