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Universal Belief

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Where Angels Fear To Tread
by Alex J Morrey

There is a new book entitled Dark Energy



The New York Times Review

Ellen Tanner Marsh, Best Selling Author

What is reality? Is what we see really what is truly there? Not according to Alex Morrey’s thought-provoking new book, Where Angels Fear To Tread. The Nature of Reality and the Meaning of God.

Forget what you think you know about the universe. Our universe, according to Morrey, is a consequence of our collective space-time beliefs. What we see and feel and sense are not really based on objective fact at all, but rather on our shared “universal belief” that reveals to us a reality we’ve all seemingly agreed to accept.

But what about the greater reality, one that encompasses dreams, psychic phenomena and precognitive dreaming? Can we be consciously aware of both the real world and this dream world? And how do we get closer to this ultimate reality, which encompasses both?

Morrey’s book is filled with fascinating accounts of how the human brain can shape our world. True Reality in theological terms. Morrey says, is nothing less than “the mind of God,” with Jesus of Nazareth as an example of how we should aspire to live within it, as a Real self. But can we make inroads to this Reality? Can we heal ourselves and, as good Christians or better still Realists, heal the world as well? Morrey’s prose is clear-eyed, inspirational and so provocatively smart that it’s downright exhilarating. Read this book and you’ll never look at the world the same way again.


Current scientific understanding tends to assume the objective nature of what is perceived to be the universe, the world in which we are living. This means that the universe is assumed to have come into existence at some time in the past, referred to as “the beginning,” the so-called Big Bang or something. Others who may or may not be scientists believe that the universe and everything within it was created miraculously by God. There are still others who prefer a so-called Quantum Mechanics explanation. In this work an interesting forth option is being put forward.

There is no argument about the reality of the world in which we are living; it is real. The question is: Why is it real, or what makes it real? Such a question seems irrelevant if the universe is assumed to be objective fact.

As scientists when we think about the universe as a consequence of objective fact we seem to be unable to obtain satisfactory answers to some very fundamental questions on which everything else depends although, what fallows is more is more to do with the book entitled Dark Energy than where Angels Fear to Tread because there have been so many updates.

  1. How did the universal come to be? The Big Questions in Cosmology.
  2. What is it made of: matter?
  3. How did life get bestowed into inanimate matter before the process of evolution by natural selection could begin anywhere in the universe?
  4. What is the so-called Dark Energy, dark matter and dark flow that fill the universe?
  5. The Higg's field.

Neither will we be able to properly understand  issues such as:-

  1. What is the meaning and purpose of an individual human life beyond the mundane?
  2. Is there life after death?
  3. Is it possible to predict the future Nostradamus style, or travel through time?
  4. Is Telepathy possible?
  5. Are so-called UFO's and Extra-terrestrials life forms real?
  6. Is it possible to travel faster then the speed of light?

Then there are questions that we think that we know the answers to, such as Gravity. Even this needs a bigger picture.

  1. The ultimate nature of gravity?
  2. The electrostatic field and the nature of matter.
  3. Climate Change and Global Warming and climate change: What is the real cause?
  4. God as the spirit of Reality?
  5. The Multiverse, dark matter and dark flow?
  6. Religion and second mindedness.


A very different approach is necessary.

We need to realize that Albert Einstein's space-time is 'space-time computer like software' running in the collective unconscious mind of humanity like a vast wireless computer network held together by a coercive interaction between all unconscious human minds. This interaction shows itself furtively as the so-called Dark Energy that fills the universe/cosmos. In affect the computer like software running within the collective unconscious mind of humanity is a unconscious collective belief.

If we consider that the universe is perceived to be real because we have collectively come to “unconsciously believe” in its reality, does provide the answers to the ultimate questions, although they're not quite the kind of answers we are expecting. In order to do this we need to upgrade our current  understanding to include the concept of Reality and we need to understand with both our unconscious as well as our conscious minds working as one integrated mind and this mind will function below awareness level, known by some as the Son of Man.  To "unconsciously believe" is quite different than to ‘consciously believe’  as a thought belief.

We shall see as this work progresses that Reality is outside space/time in the ‘gap’ between yesterday, tomorrow and elsewhere. The present, the past and the future in space and time are all being ‘engendered’ into existence together with space/time itself, by humanity itself by means of a subliminal ‘coercive interaction’ between all the unconscious minds of humanity in conjunction with Reality. Starting form the here and now and working backswords in space and time in a 'logical' sequence. It could be considered to be something like a hypnotic trance in which we are all subjects and also so-called hypnotists; some more then others with some 'gifted' individuals very much more that others. The trance is created by human subliminal imagination that is held within the unconscious collective mind of humanity an instance of which gets perceived within each individual brain/mind, by the consciousness there in, as the world in which that brain/mind is living; the universe.

The reality of our world in its current state is a conflicting “logical” structure that I refer to as the universal belief (UB). that has been 'created' by a subliminal perceptual consensus between all the minds of humanity. The conflicting structure of reality shows itself as all the wows of humanity. A belief such as this is something like software running in a computer, but a computer has no consciousness with which to perceive its belief, unlike a human brain with the "software" of the UB running within it that can. Those gifted individuals mentioned above come up with theories from time to time in the attempt to explain some aspect or reality and if that theory is able to decrease the level of conflict with the UB it will be automatically installed into the UB hence becoming real. In due course the 'reality' will be discovered and considered as proof of the theory; but is it proof?

The UB or more precisely an instance of it is perceived by the innate consciousness, within a human brain, as real and solid and is in some ways similar to an individual sleeping dream world within an individual human mind. In this case however it is not a dream as such but a dream-like, trance a world within the total collective unconscious mind of humanity in which the brain together with its body perceives itself to be living.

The so-called Laws of Nature will operate just as well within the universal belief as they do within the objective universe. Genetics for example will work just as well within the universal belief as they do in the assumed objective universe, in fact we would not perceive any difference. Facts will be the same facts in both interpretations but, in the first case, facts will be facts of unconscious belief instead of assumed objective facts.

For example so-called ‘material objects’ in the objective universe are perceived to be real objects, but within the UB the same objects are actually made of the same 'stuff' out off which objects within a human mind are also made, even so they are also perceived as real objects that feel solid to the tactile senses having inertia and mass that are also considered to be factual objects but in this case a fact of unconscious belief.

In order to understand how ‘imaginary objects’ within a human mind can exhibit inertia, mass and feel solid to tactile senses needs a different understanding of the so-called electrostatic field and the so-called laws of motion. Another such fact is the so-called law of gravity. Yet another fact is the speed of light, being 299,792 kips. Facts are based on axioms—self evident truths—something that is taken for granted. We can’t ask why the speed of light is 299,792 kips. or what is gravity beyond an attraction at a distance in a universe that is considered to be objectively real, this has to be considered a self-evident truth that we have no alternative but to accept as fact. Within the UB however, that question can be asked and answers found. There is a very subtle difference between the workings of the objective universe and the workings of the UB, but the implications are far-reaching. There are also staggering religious implications as well. 

There is no way of determining which one of the two options we are actually living in by studying natural events in space and time alone. The same mathematics work equally well in both the UB and the objective universe. However, when we come to understand that the UB can be enhanced into a lower conflicting state that allows the so-called Laws of Nature to be temporally “upgraded”, under certain circumstances, before they are perceived as reality, our understanding is upgraded, too. The law of gravity, for example, can be enhanced in the presents of a person living very close to Reality and in due course, perceived as, for example, a zero G effect, allowing certain people living close to Reality to walk on water for example, Jesus of Nazareth a 'man' living very close to Reality. This is because Reality and reality are able to coexist. Any one of us could do the same if we were living close enough to Reality, although that's easy said than done. However, when we do get to live close to Realty it not only changes us but the world we live in too, our world becomes Reality within reality.

This allows science to understand and work not only with natural events, as it currently does, but also with so-called supernatural events. Of course, within this new way of thinking, such events will no longer be considered to be supernatural. The so-called theory of the universal belief gives science a bigger 'base' in which to work. We also need to develop a deep understanding of the nature of the UB that is perceived as reality and how it came to be, and its ultimate potential development into Reality.



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Author Bio

Alex J MorreyAlex J. Morrey was born in Leicestershire England in the 1930s. After a childhood spent grappling with illness and myopia, he entered professional life as a carpenter and joiner apprentice, and subsequently as an external student of the University of London, where he earned a bachelor's degree in physics and mathematics via the Leicester College of Technology.

In the summer of 1959 Alex had what could be described as a revelation from Reality which became the basis of Where Angels Fear to Tread, an upgrading which is available to everyone.

In 1963, Alex and a colleague started a successful business producing printed circuit boards. By 1985, Alex was freed from business and able to travel. He spent time in Spain, abroad, and in the United States. In 1993, he sojourned, now and again over several years, with a close friend who was an associate pastor at a church in Athens, Georgia. The odd relationships between congregation members provided Alex with new insights into the nature of Christianity and the quality known as charisma. In 2002, these insights, coupled with his knowledge of physics, culminated into the birth of an idea that led to the writing of Where Angels Fear to Tread.

The author presently makes his home in Shanklin, on the Isle of Wight, UK. Email address yerromaa@gmail.com