Dark Energy

The Ultimate Nature of Gravity

Alex J Morrey BSc


Gravity is a specific component of a much greater force that holds the cosmos together and to understand what this greater force consists of we need to think about the cosmos as 'the collective unconscious mind of humanity' as apposed to a cosmos of objective fact that came to be some time in the past. The unconscious collective mind of humanity is perceived to be just as physical real as the supposed objective cosmos. What we each perceive as the cosmos/universe, the world in which we are living, is perceived by the innate consciousness within each of our brains. We seem to be living in the same world because there is a unconscious interaction between all human unconscious minds much like a wireless computer network. This interaction shows itself as the so-called Dark Energy that furtively fills the cosmos. The collective unconscious mind is like 'computer software' that produces a three dimensional representation of the world in which that unconscious mind hence the host individual seems to be living, a 'dream-like' world, the cosmos! Shocking? It's shocking because we take too many things for granted. It is precisely because we assume the objective nature of the universe or cosmos that we are not able to provide satisfactory answers to the so-called Big Cosmological Questions. We need to ask how insubstantial dream-like objects can exhibit mass, inertia, tactile substance and are able to give rise to gravity among other things. Actually, understanding gravity is the key to understanding everything.

It's the computer-like software running within the collective unconscious human mind that has been created by human subliminal imagination that is responsible for the movement of everything within the 'dream-like' cosmos.

The computer-like software that sometimes moves 'insubstantial mind objects' as if they are in a so-called gravitational field according the the so-called laws of gravity and motion as it holds the 'dream-like' cosmos' together within the collective unconscious mind of humanity..

The computer-like software also moves 'unsubstantial mind objects' according to the laws of motion as if they possess mass and inertia. This sounds like the so-called Higg's field being created within the computer like software of the collective unconscious mind of humanity.

The computer-like software also moves 'insubstantial mind objects' as if there is an electrostatic field around all objects causing the objects to repel each other at close range giving the 'feeling' of substantial objects, including finger tips, come into contact with one another. When we think about this in detail, the electrons on the surface of objects that come into contact very close to each other because the neutralizing positive nucleus is always at least an atomic radius away this produces enormous strong short range electrostatic forces giving the 'feeling' of 'hard' contact because of the way we currently think and feel about so-called matter.

The computer-like software also moves 'objects' within the nucleus as if there is a very strong field holding the components of the nuclei together.

There are no actual fields involved there just appears to be from the superficial point of view.

In addition, all of the objects we see around us including planets, stars and galaxies as well as atoms and subatomic particles have also been created by the computer-like software of human imagination. The whole thing seems to be controlled by an array of would be mathematical equations within the software; many of which we have already become consciously aware considered to be the laws of the cosmos.

Sometimes, the computer-like software doesn't completely create macroscopic objects producing what we called UFOs and this may also be happening at the microscopic level in particle physics.

A new spiritual/cosmological language is put forward based on the concept of Reality (see below) as apposed to reality, although they are related. This new language is able to throw a new light on the so-called Big Cosmological Questions in addition to Gravity and the so-called Dark Energy that fills the cosmos.




Space and time are not separate but bound together into a kind of fabric that is being called space-time. Currently we think of gravity, according to Albert Einstein, as the result of an interaction between the so-called 'fabric' of space-time that fills the universe and all the material objects in the universe; an interaction that distorts the fabric of space-time itself. This distortion of space-time causes what we feel and observe as gravity. However, if we give the matter a little thought it doesn't really answer the question completely because we need to ask the questions; what is space-time and what is matter? Just because we have an array of equations that are able to cope with just about every situation we can encounter involving gravity at the macroscopic level doesn't mean that we understand the true nature of gravity itself, especially at the microscopic atomic level.

To fully understand the ultimate nature of gravity, we need to think out side the so-called box and realize that the ultimate 'fabric' of the universe is the 'fabric of a collective unconscious mind,' specifically the collective unconscious mind of humanity. Instead of assuming the universe to be a consequence of objective ‘concrete’ fact, that has been in existence from the beginning; whatever that means. It is being considered in this work to be a consequence of collective unconscious belief, 'mind fabric', perceived from the here & now as the reality in which we are living. This so-called 'mind fabric' is being referred to as the universal belief or UB. It is precisely because we are assuming the objective nature of the universe that we are unable to fined answers to the so-called Big Questions in Cosmology.

Ordinarily, by observing natural events there is no way of knowing which of the two options, objective fact or collective unconscious belief we are actually living in, even if we are aware that there may be a possible second option. We also need to take into account those elusive entities experienced as consciousness and will.

An unconscious belief, as opposed to a conscious thought belief, is like software running within a computer but a computer has no consciousness with which to perceive its ‘acquired’ belief. On the other hand, an instance of the computer like ‘software’ referred to as the universal belief running within a human unconscious mind can be perceived by the consciousness innate within the human brain. The UB is perceived to be the world in which that brain together with its body is living, although it takes all the unconscious minds of humanity to contain the total universal belief (UB).

The UB in its current state is a conflicting 'logical' structure because it is being 'created' or 'enhanced into being' by minds that are conflicting 'logical' structures within themselves. The conflicts show themselves as awesome 'natural events' that are in effect enhanced into existence by humanity itself as a consequence of what is called un-Realistic motivation, see the link to Reality below.

The UB in its present state is a conflicting 'logical' structure that is acquired, or more precisely speaking, engendered into the UB by means of a collective subliminal coercive interaction between all the minds and imaginations of humanity, within the here and now. The UB is hopefully being enhanced, instant by instant, into a lower conflicting state; however, this is not necessarily the case. Actually, the so-called coercive interaction within this new way of thinking is the so-called dark energy that fills the universe in the current way of thinking.

Within the UB and the perception of it as reality, we all experience what is referred to as Gravity; a mysterious force that holds the universe together and holds things down on the surface of the earth with a certain weight according the the so-called law of gravity but without assuming the existence of a gravitational field. Gravity also plays a major role in holding the planets in orbits around the sun, etc. If we think of the situation existing within the UB just prior to its perception as the reality of the universe, we can understand how the ‘software’ running within each of our brains ‘places’ objects onto the surface of the earth (within the UB) with a certain weight and places the planets in orbits around the sun (within the UB) according to the so-called laws of gravity and motion, but without implying the existence of a gravitational field.

It helps to think about the Starry Night software that represents a simplified model of the solar system. When it runs in a computer, it is observed as a 3D graphic display on the computer’s monitor screen representing a dynamic model of the solar system. If we imagine looking at the computer screen and watching the planets orbiting the sun according to the so-called law of gravity and the laws of motion there is no actual gravity involved within the computer 3D model. If we then imagine ourselves jumping into the monitor screen and landing on the earth’s surface we would experience gravity in the form of our weight on the surface of the computerized earth within the model. If, while we are in that position, we remember looking at the simulated solar system from outside the computer screen we would realize that there is no actual gravitation field within the model; there only seems to be because of the way the software is running within the computer. The computer like software of the UB is something like the space-time 'fabric' introduced by Albert Einstein but in this new way of thinking the ultimate fabric of the universe is 'mind fabric,' specifically the collective unconscious mind of humanity.

The idea of space-time filling the universe and interacting with matter in the form of planets, stars and galaxies etc. does explain gravity to an extent but it still leaves us asking the questions what is space-time and what is matter? When we can think of the universe as an unconscious collect belief within the collective unconscious mind of humanity as apposed to a universe of objective fact we can understand that space-time and matter are insubstantial mind stuff that are perceived to be real stuff by subliminal perceptual consensus of at least 95% of humanity. Even in the conscious domain, the so-called scientific consensus is not 100%.

This means that there is no need for a so-called Higg's particle because so-called mass (stuff) is (stuff) by subliminal perceptual consensus as apposed to objective fact. However, if an Higg's particle and hence a Higg's field is or has already been created by subliminal imagination it will become part of the computer like software running within the UB. The Higg's field will apparently impart so-called inertia during the movement of otherwise insubstantial particles within the UB which will be perceived as so-called mass innate in all particles and objects.

To our tactile sense of touch it is the electrostatic field that surrounds atoms hence all 'material' objects that gives insubstantial electrons and objects surrounded by electrons the 'feeling' of solidness when they come into contact with body parts such as fingers. At the point of very close proximity of electrons in fingers and electrons in objects, the positive charged nucleus is always an atomic radius away so its influence is small compared with impacting electrons on each other coming into almost direct contact making the contact what we feel as 'hard' contact. The electrostatic field is part of the 'computer like mind fabric' within the UB that moves all electrons and indeed al particles and bodies according to the laws of the electrostatic field but without the need for an actual electrostatic field. It is the mathematics within the 'computer like mind fabric' that govern the movement of all 'insubstantial objects' causing them to be perceived as real substantial objects that move according to the laws of so-called nature that have been invented by human subliminal imagination.

Although all particles are actually insubstantial they will not be able to attain instant velocity but will be accelerated according to the so-called laws of motion within the computer like software of the UB as if they had mass but without actually have mass in a way that we have become accustomed into thinking about mass. It makes no difference what type of field we consider whether it be gravity, electromagnetic, the Higg's field or even the so-called strong nuclear field; they all operate in the same way within the UB. By conscious endeavor the so-called laws of 'nature' are 'discovered' very often in the form of mathematical equations but they all get enhanced into the UB by collective human unconscious imagination in the first instant.

Actually, there is no need for a Higg's boson or a graviton. The computer like software 'running' within the UB that will make insubstantial subatomic particles or insubstantial celestial bodies move as if they are substantial real objects that are being subjected to a gravitational or an inertia producing Higg's field. These ideas could be used to unify relativity and quantum mechanics into one overall understanding of field theory in both macroscopic and microscopic events. The mathematics remains the same. Even the particles used in quantum mechanics had first to be invented and then enhanced into the UB before they could be perceived as real objects.

All that has be said above also means that there was no actual Big Bang some 13,200 billion years ago that created an objective universe. The reason why we can find evidence in favor that there was a Big Bang is because we have 'come' to unconsciously believe in it, at least to some extent. This is the result of subliminal imaginations, much like a computer like network, coming up with a 'scenario' that reduces the level of conflict within the UB, making the 'scenario' real but incomplete. Actually the whole of human history has been enhanced into the UB of the past from the here and now, by human subliminal imagination; it is real because we have come to unconsciously believe in it's reality, meaning that this too has become enhanced into the collective unconscious mind; the UB. In short, we get indoctrinated into our conscious beliefs and coerced into what we perceived as real within the unconscious mind; our unconscious beliefs. If we could only see inside the unconscious mind everything would be crystal clear but we can't that's why it's called the unconscious.

This means that science is really a matter of ‘faith’ but because it thinks that it can find ‘proof’ and hence thinks that we are living in an objective universe which makes the so-called ‘faith’ a matter of objective fact. Little do we realize that the so-called ‘proof’ is being created by human subliminal imagination as an ongoing process behind the scenes. The ‘proof’ is the result of a furtive interaction between a ‘network’ of human subliminal imaginations that actually create the so-called ‘proof’ within the UB before we become consciously aware of it; giving the impression of being in an objective universe. This implies that there is no conscious knowledge only conscious belief.

The subliminal imagination doesn't need to ‘know’ anything about so-called 'logic' or 'reason.' It is the conscious imagination that recognizes what we called logic and reason when the unconscious 'ideas' are eventually 'discovered' by conscious endeavor, ideas that have become represented by a visual model, as the 'network' of conscious imaginations come up with ideas that are able to reduce the level of conflict within the UB; they are actually creating logic and reason because of the increased level of ‘logical’ integrity imparted to the UB as they do.

It's not just in the macroscopic world but also in the microscopic world of atoms, only the fields in this case are not only gravity but electromagnetic and nuclear so-called, as well. It doesn't matter what names we use to describe the fields they're all just 'ripples' in the computer-like fabric of the collective unconscious mind. Even at the microscopic level everything is kept in its place by a 'computer' like 'software fabric' that is not only within the collective unconscious mind, it is the collective unconscious mind. There are no actual fields only 'insubstantial' objects such as so-called particles even large bodies that move according to the so-called 'laws of the software fabric' and some of these particles, such as they are, are not yet fully formed within the UB; the graviton for example is in a similar state to so-called UFO phenomena because the subliminal imagination has not yet been able to enhance it the UB.

Everything in the 'cosmos,' the 'reality' of the collective unconscious mind, that we perceive as real, is perceived as real on account of a perceptual consensus between at least 95% of all unconscious minds after being 'enhanced' or 'put' into the UB by human subliminal imaginations. Relativity and quantum mechanics are a consequence of conscious imaginations trying to answer the so-called big cosmological questions in scientific fashion. Indeed, there are no answers to such questions within the context of an objective universe. Please click on the link below.

This is similar to the way in which sleeping dream worlds are perceived within a human brain, although there is an important difference between a dream and the dream-like world of reality, because the whole of humanity, or at least 95%, must be involved to make things real and it is this collective involvement that makes 'stuff'' 'stuff,' it is after all just mind stuff considered to be real stuff by subliminal perceptual consensus. It is similar to the so-called scientific consensus in the conscious domain of the human mind. I know that it blows the mind and it doesn't stop with gravity. Those who think that the universe could only have been created by an intelligent being are correct but that intelligent being is humanity itself. It's not just natural events that can be explained with this understanding but also so-called supernatural events as well.

The enhancement mentioned above that is called charisma can only take place around a human mind (subliminal imagination) living closer to Realiy, as define in this work, than other minds involved in the same event. Just about everyone has a little charisma within their own specialized subject although they don't realize it.

Sometimes however certain individuals get to live very much closer to Reality than normal and a situation develops what may be refer to as “Biblical charisma.” All the so-called laws of nature can be enhanced around that person by this kind of charisma, making so-called supernatural events possible. For example, walking on water, the levitation effect, or traveling faster than the speed of light. Atoms, protons and so forth, being a product of human unconscious imagination, do not exist in or near Reality, even if they are perceived as real objects in this current reality. This opens the way to the stars should we wish to go there. Such events are considered to be supernatural because none of the minds involved realize that the UB has been enhanced in that way or even what that means. When all of the minds involved in such events understand the dynamics of the process, all such supernatural events will then be considered as natural events.

As far as the strong nuclear field, mentioned above, is concerned it means that so-called nuclear fusion is not the greatest source of energy in the cosmos. It can be superceded by direct mind to mind interaction with the mind being referred to as Reality, maybe due to so-called un-Realistic motivation or some tremendous social healing such as the elimination of an impending asteroid or comet strike onto the earth. In the same way that the one Jesus of Nazareth, a individual living in Reality, is purported to have stopped the storm over the sea of Galilee. Please remember that all such objects are actually insubstantial 'dream-like' objects it's just a matter of realizing this by get closer to Reality.

As the total collective mind of humanity gets closer and closer to Reality by evolution, the appropriate ‘technology’ will become enhanced within the universal belief, making the events mentioned above possible for a collective mind such as that of science. However, the new ‘technology’ will probably be used in the creation of such things as ‘artificial’ gravity on board spaceships, for example, rather than walking on water. When a collective mind gets very close to Reality, ‘technology’ as we think of it today becomes redundant. Such events have already taken place sporadically throughout history, within the UB.

How do we evolve or get to live closer to Reality, either individually or collectively? It’s a matter of allowing our fragmented mind, the conscious and the unconscious, to become one fully integrated mind. Under these conditions, such a mind is driven below the level of awareness, creating a feeling of being led by a benevolent ‘spirit’; specifically, the spirit of Reality. However, we do retain a simple child-like—but by no means childish—conscious mind. The Real driving force behind such a mind functions below awareness level in accordance with Reality. This is spirituality without any form of religion, the spirituality of 21st century science, it is actually more that that; it is salvation, freedom from the slings and arrows of that conflicting structure we perceive as reality the world in which we currently live.

How does Darwin's evolution by natural selection work within the theory of the UB?

What has been said above is just the tip of the iceberg; a small part of an all-embracing theory that doesn't really conflict with 21st century science. On the contrary, it gives science a bigger picture to work in. It is a question of being objective and able to think outside the box into which we have been ‘educated’ and realizing answers to the Big Cosmology Questions.

This is what the book Where Angels Fear to Tread, and the book Dark Energy by Alex J. Morrey is all about but it's mind bending.



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