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Universal Belief

Gravity and the Universal Belief

Alex J Morrey

To fully understand the nature of gravity, it is necessary to understand what we perceive to be the universe very differently. Instead of mistakenly assuming the universe to be a consequence of objective ‘concrete’ fact, that has been in existence from the beginning—whatever that means—it is considered in this work to be a consequence of collective unconscious belief, referred to as the universal belief. Ordinarily, by observing natural events, there is no way of knowing which of the two options we are actually living in, even if we try very hard. We also need to consider those elusive entities experienced as consciousness and will.

An unconscious belief, as opposed to a thought belief, is like software running within a computer, but a computer has no consciousness with which to perceive its ‘given’ belief. On the other hand, an instance of the ‘software’ referred to as the universal belief running within a human subconscious mind can be perceived by the consciousness apparently innate within a human brain. When this happens, it perceives it to be the world in which that brain is living, together with its conscious mind and its body, although it takes all the unconscious minds of humanity to contain the total universal belief (UB).

The UB is acquired, or more precisely speaking, engendered by means of a collective subliminal coercive interaction between all the minds of humanity. This is hopefully being enhanced, instant by instant, into a lower conflicting state than that of the current UB. However, this is not necessarily the case. Such enhancement can sometimes appear to temporarily ‘change’ the so-called laws of nature. Of course, such enhancement could not occur in a world of ‘concrete’ objective fact. It can only occur within the UB if it ultimately reduces the level of conflict within it. Actually, the coercive interaction within this new way of thinking is the so-called dark energy that fills the universe in the old way of thinking.

Within the UB and the perception of it as reality, we all experience what is referred to as Gravity; a mysterious force that holds things down on the surface of the earth with a certain weight. Gravity also plays a major role in holding the planets in orbits around the sun, etc. If we think of the situation existing within the UB just prior to its perception as the current reality of the universe, we can understand how the ‘software’ running within each of our brains ‘places’, or ‘pushes’ objects onto the surface of the earth (within the UB) and places the planets in orbits around the sun (within the UB) according to the so-called law of gravity, but without implying the existence of a gravitational field.

It helps to think about the Starry Night software that represents a simplified model of the solar system. When it runs in a computer, it is observed as a 3D graphic display on the computer’s monitor screen. The more elaborate ‘software’ of the UB ‘running’ within a human brain is perceived in due course as the world in which the human brain, together with its conscious mind and body, is living at that instant. This is similar to the way in which sleeping dream worlds are perceived within a human brain.

The enhancement mentioned above can only take place around a human mind living closer to Reality, as we define it here, than other minds involved in the same event. This situation develops what we may refer to as “Biblical charisma”. All the so-called laws of nature can be enhanced by charisma, making supernatural events possible. For example, consider walking on water, the zero G effect, or travelling faster than the speed of light. Atoms, protons and so forth do not exist in or near Reality, even if they are perceived as real objects in reality. This opens the way to the stars, should we wish to go there. Such events are considered to be supernatural because none the minds involved realise that the UB has been enhanced or even what that means. When all of the minds involved in such events understand the dynamics of the process, all such events will be considered natural.

As the total collective mind of humanity gets closer and closer to Reality, the appropriate ‘technology’ will become enhanced within the universal belief, making the events mentioned above possible for a collective mind such as that of science. However, the new ‘technology’ will probably be used in the creation of such things as ‘artificial’ gravity on board spaceships, for example, rather than walking on water. When a collective mind gets very close to Reality, ‘technology’ as we think of it today becomes redundant. Such events have already taken place sporadically throughout history.

How do we get to live closer to Reality, either individually or collectively? It’s a matter of allowing our polarized mind, the conscious and the unconscious, to become one fully integrated mind merged with its unconscious counterpart. Under these conditions, such a mind is driven below the level of awareness, creating a feeling of being led by a benevolent ‘spirit’; specifically, the spirit of Reality. However, we do retain a simple child-like—but not childish—conscious mind. The Real driving force behind such a mind functions below awareness level in accordance with Reality. This is spirituality without any form of religion.

What has been said above is just the tip of the iceberg; a small part of an all-embracing theory that doesn’t really conflict with 21st century science. On the contrary, it gives science a bigger picture to work in. It is a question of being objective and able to think outside the box into which we have been ‘educated’.

This is what the book Where Angels Fear to Tread, by Alex J. Morrey is all about.

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