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Darwin’s Evolution by Natural Selection

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  Charles Darwin’s Evolution by Natural Selection.

Nostradamus's Predictions in the Note below?

Darwin’s evolution by natural selection is not really valid unless it can answer the fundamental question on which the theory depends and this is: How did inanimate matter become bestowed with life, in the first instant, before the process of evolution could even begin anywhere in the universe let alone on Earth? To say that it must have happened is not good enough and it’s not scientific either. It’s difficult to understand how  such a question can be answered in the context of an objective universe. We take too many things for granted calling them axioms without giving the particular matter in question any serious thought at all because it seems so obvious, although we wonder!

We unwittingly assume the world in which we live, in the greater sense the universe, to be a consequence of objective fact, meaning that it come into being sometime in the past and nothing to do with us i.e. humanity. This is not something that we are taught, it is something that is taken for granted because it seems to be so obvious, what else could it be but objective fact? As a consequence we find it intriguing and puzzling that we are unable to find satisfactory answers to such basic questions as:

1) How did the universe come to be?

2) What is it made of?

3) How did inanimate matter get bestowed with life before evolution could even begin anywhere in the universe let alone on the plant Earth?

To get answers we need a different approach other than assuming our world to be a matter of objective fact and this is just what I try to spell out briefly below, using Darwin's evolution by natural selection as an example. When we get to think in this new way, however mind bending it may seem to begine with, we can understand that Darwin's so-called evolution by natural selection is not what it's made out to be and is not the way that humanity got to be on the planet Earth, but neither is the account in the book of Genesis because that too assumes the objective nature of the universe. The answers to the above questions given in this work are interestingly different. If the theory of the so-called universal belief turns out to be true one could say devastating.

In this article we are going to think about Darwin’s Evolution by Natural Selection from the point of view of a universe of unconscious belief as apposed to a universe of object fact, which is the underlying theme of the book entitled Where Angels Fear to Tread. In this way of thinking objects are real not because they are component parts of a physical universe of objective fact but because we have come to collectively believe in their reality and this belief is a belief within unconscious minds not within conscious minds. This is not the way we normally think about the word belief, the way we have become accustomed in using the word belief actually amounts to a thought belief, when we say I believe we mean that we really think a statement or something to be true. It’s not easy to think in this unconventional way until the current scientific understanding has been upgraded to include so-called supernatural events as well as the usual natural events. See the Note below for a brief description.

The sequence of artifacts in the form of fossil remains in rocks that are used as confirmation of the reality of Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection are in this work being considered to exist in the past part of what is being referred to as the universal belief (UB) -- as apposed to the past universe of object fact -- perceived to be the reality of the past. The sequence is “logical” because human unconscious imagination has made it so, starting from the here and now, by ‘engendering’ ancient artifacts into the “past part” of the UB, little by little, prior to their ‘discovery’ as real archaeological artifacts and events.

It is too easy to fail to appreciate that there is an unconscious interaction between all the minds of humanity and it is this interaction that “creates” or more precisely “engenders” all aspects of reality into existence, a process of “enhancement” that is ongoing. From the cosmological point of view it is perceived as the expanding “universe” and it shows itself furtively as that mysterious dark energy, so-called, that fills the "universe." In this work it is being referred to as the coercive interaction, a subliminal interaction as apposed to the more familiar conscious interaction between all the minds of humanity.   

Even the so-called radio active elements within the rocks that are used for dating the rocks containing the fossils used to confirm the time scale of the various life forms that are found within the “past part” of the UB are also engendered into the UB “prior” to their “discovery” and subsequent deployment are consequently also perceived as real objects in the form of, electrons, photons and sub-atomic particles, within the UB. Even space/time itself is engendered by the coercive interaction as a "perceptual consensus" into the UB.

The human mind, both conscious and unconscious, are “pattern” seeking devices by means of their innate imagination. Certain individual subliminal imaginations – that are closer to Reality (see below) than the rest -- are continually coming up with new “ideas” and if such new “ideas” are able to reduce the level of conflict within the UB they become “installed” automatically into the UB via the so-called, subliminal coercive interaction between all the minds of humanity. In due course the newly “installed” components of the UB are “discovered” by conscious minds that are also continually searching for a conscious integrated pattern.



Reality with a capital "R" is the total potential collective mind of humanity when each individual mind is an integrated logical structure within it self unlike reality which is a conflicting logical structure. Such an individual body and mind is being referred to as the Real self as apposed to the real self – “physical attributes” -- in reality. One may well ask: How does – God – the spirit of Reality become involved in the creation of the UB? The spirit of Reality is a loving healing spirit that ‘looks’ at each human mind in its present state and upgrades it potentially into its Real self and then retains a copy of it as an integral part of what becomes its own Mind – Reality. Individual human minds can only enhance the UB into a lower conflicting state as a consequence of the above upgrading process and if only individual minds are involved, the whole of humanity is continually upgrading toward Reality. We could say that the spirit of Reality creates the UB hence the universe to human specifications; this is how we come to have free will, although ‘driven’ by the spirit of Reality, it is in effect a partnership between the spirit of Reality – God -- and mankind. That is, by an interaction of minds.

A collective human mind can however ‘drive’ the UB into a more conflicting state by becoming more and more unRealistically motivated in this case it is only a matter of time before the coercive interaction itself creates the future as the ‘logical’ consequences of the unRealistic motivation which will usually be adverse but not always so. UnRealistic motivation can take the form of greed or grief, for example. It is unRealistic motivation that eventually dooms all civilizations.

 As far as the future is concerned it cannot be predicted because there is no objective future to predict. Michelle Nostradamus, for example, was able to enhance the UB by installing dramatic future events which could be perceived as real events in due course, even events meant to occur after his death which made it look as though he was able to predict future events. He was a man with considerable charisma as a consequence of having a gifted relationship which the spirit of Reality in the form of a second mind within the other half of his own brain, the second mind was living much closer to Reality than his own mind or the minds of those around him and so able to enhance the coercive interaction and install future events into the UB. This is the same interaction as that of a creative single mind when it installs the photon, for example, into to the UB but in the case of Nostradamus it was done with more dramatic flare. This effect gets merged with the creative efforts of single minds as well as the logical consequences of unRealistic motivation of collective minds as mentioned above, so that the “prediction” becomes defocused. I shall talk about this in other articles.  

The content of this and the two paragraph above is a brief description of the very different infrastructure being used in the theory of the UB as apposed to the space/time/atomic infrastructure being solely used currently. Reality is outside space and time between the space/time of yesterday and tomorrow, where we all should be. Instead we live in a vacuum between yesterday and tomorrow lost in what we call space and time with little or no presence in Reality. But I digress!  


The process described in the first five paragraphs above seems to confirm that the evolution of life on the earth started about 3.8 billion years age as primitive life forms and then evolved, together with the earth, into so-called modern humans of today. The ultimate question in this context is: How did inanimate matter become bestowed with life before the process of evolution could even begin? This is one of the ultimate questions and I maintain that this question cannot be answered in the context of a universe of objective fact, i.e. by assuming the universe to have come into existence sometime in an objective past. It is taken for granted that it must have done but this is not the kind of answer that is really scientifically good enough let alone acceptable. This means that Darwin's so-called evolution by natural selection is not the way humanity came to be in the world today neither is the account in the book of Geneses because that too assumes the universe to be a consequence of objective fact.

What is being said in this work is that “factual” reality is only in the here and now; the answer to the question of how life got bestowed into inanimate matter has to do with human consciousness that is the “center” of our being as a life form in the here and now. To understand what this means we need to understand with both our conscious and unconscious minds working together as one mind. This con only be achieved by allowing them to integrate into one integrated “logical” mind which will inevitably operate below awareness level. The answer cannot be understood by the conscious mind alone which means that we can never have a conscious understanding of the “truth” of human existence. 

What has already been said above is that we don’t seem to realize is that all of those so-called archaeological facts perceived as fossil records etc. have been engendered into existence by certain individuals minds that are living a little closer to Reality than the minds around them via the subliminal coercive interaction between all human minds, before they can be perceived as real events within that part of the UB we refer to as the past. Those certain individual minds will automatically enhance the UB, even the “past” UB, by enhancing or upgrading some particular aspect of it, in a way that reduces the level of conflict within it.  In due course, these are perceived and consciously believed -- understood -- to be a newly discovered “fact” in archaeology, science or technology and the new “fact” is used to “prove” the truth of whatever new conscious belief theory is being proposed.
We are all involved in various aspects of this interaction one way or another which means that there is a continual subliminal “communication,” guided by Reality at the same time as allowing free will, between all the minds of humanity, the so-called coercive interaction. This interaction even “engenders” the space and time in which all such activities take place. In ‘fact’ every aspect of our world, that we find so intriguing, has been engendered, in effect created, by the subliminal imagination, as a perceptual consensus, of humanity operating in the here and now.

From the geological point of view, we could ask a similar question: How did the earth on which we live come to be just right for life as we know it today? The answer is that it is just right because we have made it just right with our unconscious imaginations “engendering” it into “existence” within the “past” component of the UB.

There are those who consciously believe that extra-terrestrial life forms “put” life on this planet sometime in the “past”. Please bear in mind what I am saying about the so-called past. In any case the same question needs to be asked. How did inanimate matter get bestowed with life in order to produce life “elsewhere” in the “universe," actually elsewhere within the UB?

 Like the current part of the UB, the past part of the UB has been “engendered” into existence by a human subliminal mind-to-mind interaction in the here and now. All of the so-called archaeological discoveries which appear to prove current understanding of “past” events explain the evolution of life in this world we call reality. This is what we would expect. The starting point is here and now, so everything has been tailored into the UB of the past to be consistent with the here and now. However, the fundamental question still remains: How did inanimate material come to be bestowed with life?

The answer to this question revolves around the “living fact” that in the here and now, I, like the reader, am bestowed with consciousness and will – life -- as a “fact” of experience. Each of us needs to ask: “How did I come to be in the so-called here and now?” This is the only question that needs to be answered. The answer is a “living” answer and not an intellectual one.

To “truly” understand the answer to such a question, we need to realize that the most integrated “knowledge” that we can ever have is the “logic” contained within the Real self, which is only an integral part of the truth that is Reality and not the whole of it. Furthermore, the Real self is totally below the level of awareness. The Real self is what a human mind becomes when the polarized mind – the conscious and unconscious – “heals” into one integrated “logical” mind it is also a state of being when living in the sprit of Reality or in theologically terms it is living in the Holy Spirit. It's a matter of extracting our consciousness; our soul, or as I call it, the ERS from its addiction with the conscious mind with its knowledge and understanding, otherwise it becomes trapped making it impossible to live in the here and now. Under these conditions we identify our being with the ERS instead of the real self.  

This means that we can never have or need an integrated conscious understanding of the truth, meaning and purpose of our lives but we can live in the truth by living in our Real self as an integral part of Reality. Eternal life doesn't’t mean living forever somewhere; it means living outside space and time in the so-called here and now. As the level of conflict within the UB hence reality approaches zero reality approaches Reality, this can apply to an individual or a collective state of being. This is what is being referred to as living in the spirit of Reality and is the highest state of enlightenment, or rather non-enlightenment and the highest state of being that can be attained by any life form. In theological terms it is identical with living in the Holy Spirit and this is exactly what the one Jesus of Nazareth is trying to get across, once we can interpret His words Realistically.

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