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Universal Belief


The Universal Belief and the Dark Energy that fills the Universe

Alex J Morrey

To fully understand the nature of the dark energy that fills the universe, we need to understand what we perceive to the universe differently than we currently do. Instead of unwittingly assuming the universe to be a consequence of concrete objective fact, which has been in existence from the beginning—whatever that means. In this work we consider it to be a consequence of collective unconscious belief. This is referred to as the “universal belief” (UB). When the UB is perceived within a human mind, it is perceived as the world in which it lives, in the greater sense the universe; reality. Ordinarily, there is no way of knowing by observing natural events which of the two options we are living in. Even if we tried hard, everything would be perceived as real in both situations.

The collective unconscious belief, the (UB) is ‘created’ or more precisely "engendered" by a coercive interaction between all the minds of humanity. However, when we consciously believe the universe to be the consequence of objective fact, the coercive interaction is perceived as an unidentified energy. We refer to this as “Dark Energy”, and it seems to work against gravity. When we ‘think’ that we live in an objective world, we cannot appreciate that there is such a thing as a subliminal mind-to-mind interaction between all the minds of humanity. This could also be the so-called Higg's field that creates a perceptual consensus within the collective unconscious mind of humanity and it is this consensus that gives all objects in the universe or cosmos the feeling of substance and mass.

We need to understand what a universe of belief means. In doing so, it is critical that we distinguish between a conscious and an unconscious belief. A conscious belief is identical with thought, while an unconscious belief has little to do with thinking, since its roots are based in the unconscious mind.

When we are able to switch from thinking of the universe as a consequence of objective fact to thinking of it as a consequence of unconscious collective belief, it is easy to understand how a universal belief is not only able to support natural events but also so-called supernatural events. Furthermore, the UB is continuously being enhanced into a lower conflicting state, much as computer software can be continuously upgraded. The expanding nature of the coercive interaction is the cause of our perception of the expanding reality of the universe.

The universal belief is like software running in a computer. However, a computer cannot consciously perceive the results of its own ‘given’ belief in action, whereas a human mind can perceive the results of its own instance of the unconsciously shared belief in action within its own brain, by means of its innate consciousness. That shared unconscious belief is what we refer to as the universal belief. This is perceived in due course as the universe in which we are all living within the collective unconscious mind of humanity.

It is rather like a collective dream-like world, although dreams take place within the UB as part of our makeup, the perception of the UB itself is not a dream because the whole of humanity is involved in its 'creation.' It is, in effect, created by a coercive interaction between all the minds of humanity. This is perceived furtively as the so-called Dark Energy that fills the universe when the latter is thought of as a consequence of ‘objective’ fact.

Using this theory, we can seek answers to the ultimate questions: Where does the universe come from? What is it made of? As well as giving meaning not only to dark energy but so-called dark matter and dark flow which I talk about in the chapter concerning the VLA verses the Multiverse. It seems to me that the mathematics that predict dark energy etc. is OK, it's the visual model that needs upgrading. Please view answers to The Big Questions in Cosmology.

I am saying that reality is of a similar nature to a dream-like world, although it is in itself not a dream because the whole of humanity is involved in its 'creation.' Actually the reason that we dream is to maintain a 'healthy' participation in the coercive interaction. The so-called past is a component of the universal belief just as the present universe is, this also can be enhanced and such enhancement can actually change history. There is only here and now in reality as well as in Reality. To understand how 'imaginary objects' that are perceived as 'real objects' can be perceived as solid to the tactile senses, we need to understand the so-called electrostatic field differently than we currently do.

If we imagine ourselves to be in a sleeping or hypnotically induced dream, everything in that dream will be perceived as real and solid to the tactile senses, but the ‘laws’ governing that world will be different. There may be no gravity, for example, making it possible to fly like Superman. If, in that dream we ask where this world came from, we would find ourselves in the same situation as in reality, having to theorize endlessly on the issue. When we eventually awake, we will realize that the dream was within our own brain. The same applies in the 'dream-like' world of reality. We need to awake from it to realize the ‘truth’ about human existence. This is exactly what happens when we allow our polarized mind, the conscious and the unconscious, to become one integrated ‘logical’ system operating below the level of awareness. This is exactly what all religions ultimately aspire to bring about within each of us, but we have to go beyond religion and the delusion of conscious belief to achieve it. This is the highest state of enlightenment that any life form can attain. We then become a unique individual and an integral part of Reality.

See also Darwin's Evolution by Natural Selection.

Exactly what this means is the main theme of the book Where Angels Fear to Tread, by Alex J. Morrey.

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