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Universal Belief

Unidentified Flying Objects, Extra-Terrestrials and Religion

Alex J Morrey

To understand UFOs, we need to realize that not only is the universe a consequence of collective belief, termed the Universal Belief or UB, but also that one in twenty individual human beings are “deep trance hypnotic subjects”, which means that they are very susceptible to hypnotic suggestion, and can spontaneously hallucinate anything that their mind becomes fascinated with. This is a gift because that gifted individual is born with it as a family trait.

Furthermore, any sort of person can fall within this category. This means that one in twenty doctors, airline pilots, clergymen, school teachers, policemen, young or old, male or female etc, etc, have DTH profiles. There is no way of knowing who has and who does not have a DTH profile other than by hypnotizing them to determine their hypnotic sensitivity. There are some 300 million individuals on the planet Earth with DTH profiles, so it is not surprising that there are numerous UFO sightings.

However, there is another family trait that goes hand in hand with DTH profiles and this is second or double mindedness (see later paragraphs) the two traits work together making it possible for an hallucination to be transferred into a 'local' UB by the charisma emanating from a second mind. This is how Moses (a man with a second mind) was able to separate the waters of the red sea. These are examples of positive hallucinations getting installed into the UB by so-called second minded (SM) charisma.

On the other hand when negative hallucinations get in the UB things and people can disappear without trace.  The events that occur in the so-called Bermuda Triangle are an example of this.  Again the cause is charisma emanating for second minds coupled with a DTH profile, it is actually the same phenomenon as that which causes UFOs sightings.

A negative hallucination is when a hypnotized subject is told or 'he' spontaneously hallucinates, that a certain object or person within a group that everyone else within the group perceives as real does not exist, so that the subject will not see that object or person, instead he will hallucinate the back ground behind the now ‘non existent’ person. If this event is conducted in the presents of a  (SM) person who is able to project the negative hallucination into a ‘local’ UB then no one within the group would see the ‘non existent’ person, he would just seem to disappear and they wouldn't remember him either! However this could only happen if the level of conflict within the UB is reduced, so it would be a most unlikely scenario but not impossible. Events such as  these will happen spontaneously in areas like the so-called Bermuda triangle from time to time.

One may well ask what happens to people who disappear in this way? As the reader will understand from later paragraphs when the real self does no longer support the ERS, by what ever means is deployed, the ERS will migrate into another reality within the VLA (see below) acquiring a new appropriate real self, depending on its status in Reality, the memory of the ‘non existent, with in the minds of all the group members would also cease to exist as well. There are many ‘shades’ of this phenomenon so that there are also many types of events that will be engendered in this way, although there may be adverse logical consequences engendered for all those involved within the group and maybe for the whole of humanity.    

As far as UFO's are concerned such will remain hallucinations until the Universal Belief (UB) contains them, when UFOs will become real and someone will be credited for “discovering” them or making first contact. However, there is another family trait that goes hand in hand DTH profiles and this is second or double mindedness the two traits work together making it possible for an hallucination to be transferred into the 'local' UB by the charisma emanating that a second minded. This is how Moses (a man with a second mind) was able to separate the waters of the red sea.

The difference between UFOs and technological innovation is due to the type of imagination deployed. In the case of UFOs, imaginations that lack integrity become involved whereas in the case of technological innovation, integrated imaginations become involved. The UB becomes enhanced in this case, and not so much in the former. When the UB is enhanced, “discovery” follows. In the case of technological innovation, this is immediate. It is not considered to be a “discovery”. Instead, it is creating something real from an idea within an integrated subliminal imagination, integrated with the UB, that will in due course be “discovered” as real.

Belief enhancement by suggestion (hypnosis) or spontaneity has a limited coercive element, as does enhancement by the coercive interaction between minds. UFOs will not be real objects unless a human subliminal imaginations are able to incorporate the necessary logical structure into the UB to make them real in due course. The same applies to “extra-terrestrial” life forms. The human subliminal imaginations "creates" what we (humanity) perceive as the universe, which is the world in which we perceive ourselves living, and not the world of objective fact that we have come to take for granted.

“Where Angels Fear to Tread” acquired its name because there is one place where even angels cannot go and that is Reality. Angels don’t fear to go there. They can’t, because angels are a consequence of human subliminal imagination, just like UFOs and extra-terrestrial life forms. Even our own “physical’ bodies, referred to as the “real self”, are products of collective belief. For UFOs to be considered real, they must be perceived as real by everyone.

The same is not always true for angels. An hallucination is real to the hallucinating person but to no one else. Especially in combination with double-mindedness (DM), it is awesome. To Mohammed, the Angel Gabriel was awesomely real to him, so much so that a new religion, Islam, was born. The psychodynamics nature of DM effects about one in twenty humans, although not as deeply as the so-called Prophets. This is the phenomenon which produced the Old Testament prophets and much more than that.

When combined with a DTH profile and the two do go together, sparks will and do fly, because the charisma surrounding DM hallucinations can get into the UB and produce what bystanders will perceive as miracles on a grand scale. Think of Moses and Joshua. Moses hallucinated the parting of the red sea. This was immediately transferred into the UB and so it became real for everyone, awesome indeed. A similar thing happened to Joshua, when the sun remained stationary in the sky for one whole day. Every body involved assumed that God was responsible and, in a way, they were right, since the second mind of Moses & Joshua, posing as God, was able to enhance the UB. Today, many people think of God as a super being who exists somewhere and who can do such things. God, if we must use the word, is the Spirit of Reality which is referred to as the Holy Spirit in certain theological circles.

It is difficult to retain a strict focus on UFOs, because everything is part of an integrated picture, like a jigsaw puzzle. The human imagination becomes an integral part of Reality as we become our Real self. The coercive interaction which creates the UB becomes redundant, as do DTH profiles. If there are angels in Reality they will be as Real men or women, integral components of Reality. We all become small integral units of Reality, smaller parts of the whole. From an emotional viewpoint, this is like a father and son relationship. Since Reality is likened to the mind of God, we all become sons and daughters of God, when we dwell in Reality.

If a large collective (group) mind starts believing in a different way then the rest of humanity such a distorted belief can engender an abnormal coercive interaction that will actually increase the level of conflict within the UB hence what is perceived as reality. We could say that such a group becomes unRealistically motivated. In due course the normal coercive interaction will normalize the situation by creating the logical consequences of the unRealistic motivation which will be perceived as adverse is some appropriate way, just as it was in the story of Noah and the flood.

The individuals within a group that become abnormally motivated do not realize that is happening to them because they support each other in what amounts to a delusion within a delusion. For example, greed is not recognized as such when everyone in motivated in the same way and we must not forget that even the so-called normal coercive interaction engenders a delusion that is perceived as the reality in which we live when viewed from the point of view of Reality. It is this delusion, of believing the universe to be a consequence of object fact, that is the reason why we in science cannot find the answers to the fundamental questions such as: How did the universe come to be? What is it made of? And how did inanimate matter become bestowed with life before evolution could begin anywhere?

In the context of this article a "group" that believes that there are "real" extraterrestrial life forms living among us will be rudely awakened by the logical consequences that will result. Such consequences could be perceived as humanity being taken over by a superior life form, for example. Such a state of affairs would be 'engendered' into reality by humanity itself as a result of what amounts to unRealistic motivation. There are no such things as unsolicited accidents and disasters, they are all 'man' made resulting from the 'logical' consequences of unRealistic motivation and this is what causes the demise of all civilizations sooner or later.

We need to take into account the so-called coercive interaction between all human minds to be in a position to avoid the involvement in unRealistic motivation, although the results are not always catastrophic. This depends on the type of unRealistic motivation involved whether it's based on greed or grief, for example. In the global sense this is the essence of the so-called Book of Revelation. The ultimate cartography.

WAFtoT gives an integrated understanding of everything humans can experience, both natural and supernatural. Just like a jigsaw puzzle, we can’t see the whole picture until every piece is in the correct place.


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