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Universal Belief

The VLA verses The Multiverse

The Very Large Array of Dream-like-Worlds: the VLA

Every ERS that has ever lived in this reality is still living in one of the other so-called relative realities, or maybe even in Reality, depending on the status of the particular ERS involved. This implies that all of those realities are expanding too. The entire configuration of realities is being referred to as the very large array (VLA) of dream-like realities, some closer to Reality and others further away from Reality, in theological terms more heavenly or more hellish. The status of a particular ERS determines which reality it is living in currently and which reality it will migrate into when it departs from its current real self. The ERS never “dies” as does the “engendered” real self according to those left behind who consider that the death of a real self has occurred, when it can no longer be supported by the real self it simply migrates from the current reality to another, and then another and another etc., until it attains Reality. We could say that, initially, real selves together with the ERS’s are lost in space and time and will remain so until they awake from the dream-like world we call reality and arrive in their rightful place in Reality.

Our vast universe, as if it isn’t big enough already, is only a very small part of a much larger array of other universes, or other dimensions if we consider the universe to be objective fact. The so-called VLA is also a consequence of the collective unconscious belief of all those living in the VLA. It is real not because it is objective fact, but as a fact of unconscious belief because we have come to unconsciously believe in it as a potential extension to the “current” UB.

The “next” reality, together with a new real self into which the migrating ERS migrates, is engendered into its “physical” form by the “local” coercive interaction as a different real self than it was in the previous reality, but with same ERS. It becomes integrated into the new reality together with an enhanced memory of its own past within the new reality in conjunction with other real selves with which it associates as a family member or some other connection. It will be as if it were born into the new reality, and normally it will have no conscious memory of its previous real self.

By thinking about and believing in the world in which we live to be objective fact, we can be caused to be without meaning or purpose, although the scientists who devote their lives to studying one or more of the various aspects of the universe in very great depth may feel that it does give their lives meaning and purpose. I wonder how deep such feelings are, especially since this kind of approach does not supply satisfactory answers to any of the ultimate personal or collective questions. Are scientists, too, lost in space and time while remaining hopeful?

The so-called Multiverse is a speculation based on the assumption that the world in which we live, in the greater sense the universe, is a consequence of  objective fact within a multidimensional cosmos. The so-called dark energy that fills the entire Multiverse – VLA – is the so-called coercive interaction between all the unconscious individual minds of humanity that ‘engenders’ the universe into being.

The so-called dark matter is the total amount of matter contained within all the other realities that make up the so-called VLA although we are only aware of the current reality in which we are living, the rest is mysteriously referred to as so-called dark matter.

The so-called dark flow could be energy or matter that ‘migrates’ across the boundaries of the VLA for example, so-called gravitons. These may migrate into other realities that make up the so-called VLA and spend most of their time outside this current reality we call our world because it reduces the level of conflict within this current reality.

The so-called dark flow could also be is the flow of the ERS's that takes place across the reality or segment boundaries that make up the VLA this implies that there is a continuous movement of ERS's between the various realities that make up the VLA. This flow of ERS' is more extensive than one might thank.

In theological terms, the ERS’s are the so-called souls of everyone who have ever lived, not only in ‘our’ current reality but all of the realities that make up the VLA, some of them are the readers ancestors and some of the others are mine too. One may well ask where are these other different realities located. Since there is only here and now we can only perceive the current reality as real because we have come to inadvertently and unconsciously believe in it's reality. We don't perceive the others as real because we unconsciously believe in their reality, although they are all in the here and now.

During my second year at university, I had an interview with Dr. Steven Black in his office at the Hammersmith Hospital in London.  Dr. Black was a microbiologist and, at that time, he was studying skin allergies and the issue of whether they could be treated with hypnosis.  He was always on the lookout for the best hypnotic subjects, whom he referred to as “deep trance hypnotic subjects.” 

When I arrived, he greeted me and then introduced me to a young woman who had agreed to take part as his hypnotic subject in a demonstration, which he had arranged especially for my benefit.  After a preliminary chat between the three of us which took about twenty minutes seated around a table, he began the demonstration.  His subject had been pre-trained to enter the hypnotic trance state when he voiced a single word, which could be anything.  No change seemed to have taken place in his subject, who was still sitting at the table, apparently wide awake.  He then told her that another man had accompanied me into his office and that he was sitting in the chair beside me, talking with me.  He asked her to tell him what we were talking about, and she did. 

The content of what she said is of little significance, but what is very significant is that this subject was hallucinating that fourth person, a man whom she perceived as real, in the room together with the rest of us.  His subject did not see him just suddenly appear sitting the chair, no!  She not only hallucinated his presence sitting in the chair but also—and this was the whole point of the demonstration—her memory of his entry into the room, together with me.  This means that her mind had invented the past twenty minutes of ‘his’ existence. 

She could have gone over and touched him in order to reinforce the realness of her perception of him, but this would never have occurred to her because she believed totally in the reality of the suggestion given to her by Dr. Black.  In fact, she cannot have had any memory of the suggestion being given to her.  Everything would have been normal as far as she was concerned.  She would have believed that the fourth individual had always been in her world somewhere, this being the first time that she had come into contact with him. 

Normally, there is little or no coercive interaction involved in perceptions resulting from hypnotically changed belief states, so they are never considered to be real events.  As hypnotized individuals we hallucinate individually, whereas, within the coercive interaction, we ‘hallucinate’ or ‘perceive’ our world as a group.

Just think: each one of us could have dropped out of Reality or arrived from another segment of the VLD a second ago.  Our entire world, together with its past, including our individual past, would have been instantly integrated into the resident Universal Belief and perceived as completely normal and real—so much so, that we take everything for granted and never seriously think that it could be otherwise, although everyone around us seems to have a sneaking suspicion that there is something wrong with it! 

Where Angels Fear to Tread considers this issue from many different perspectives not just scientific.



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