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Universal Belief


Alex J Morrey

In order to understand telepathy, so-called, we need to think of the world/universe as a product of collective belief in the form of a Universal Belief (UB) as apposed to a world/universe of Objective Fact. Actually our world is that part of the UB in which we live out our daily lives, a shared belief which is established by a collective perceptual consensus, in the form of a coercive interaction between all those minds in that world. This is the main theme of Where Angels Fear to Treat.
When the universal belief is enhanced by the mind of John, lets say, living closer to Reality than other minds around it, the universal belief becomes enhanced, hence the world is also enhanced, but nobody will be aware that enhancement has taken place, since it is a subliminal interaction, although they will perceive the results of the enhancement as real.

Enhancement means moving the universal belief closer to Reality, which could be thought of as a social ‘healing’ interaction. This is brought about by reducing the level of conflict within the UB by a kind of ‘electronic’ tuning, there being no moral standards applied.
If the universal belief is enhanced in such a way that everyone in the universe belief of that world spoke, English for example, the mind responsible for the enhancement John would perceive everyone in the world/universal belief speaking English and it would be taken for granted, by him, that everyone in the world/universal belief would understand what was said to them in English as well, regardless of what language other people in the world perceived themselves speaking and when they answered in their own language John would hear them speaking in English.

Total communication would take place between all of those involved and everything would appear to be ‘normal’, since nobody would be aware that belief enhancement had taken place and the status quo would be taken for granted.

It would appear that John was a part of that community speaking the native language of that community, just like everybody else. If several different languages were involved and everyone know that, under these conditions everybody would experience a strange, maybe awesome phenomenon taking place. I’am thinking here of that event recorded in Jewish/Christian scripture. Where Peter spoke to the crowd seemly in many different languages simultaneously, to the amazement of all those present. Acts. 2 : 4 - 12. But I digress.

If there were witnesses who knew exactly what was going on, and who were completely satisfied that John could only speak English and they too didn't know that enhancement had taken place, or even what it meant and yet witnessed full communication between all concerned, would be amazed and the only explanation they would be able to come up with would be that the communication was ‘telepathic’, so-called, in nature, but the word ‘telepathy’ is a cover up for a lack of understanding. All supernatural events, so-called, are created in this way which due to the lack of ‘correct’ understanding are considered to be ‘miracles’.

This doesn't make a lot of sense if we continue to think of the world as objective fact. On the other hand, once we can flip our mind into thinking of the world as the UB, everything then comes together, not just with so called ‘telepathy’ but with everything that we can experience.
Once we appreciate that supernatural events are the creation of human subliminal imagination, not only the events in the Jewish/Christian scriptures but all scriptures become historic events in which we no longer have to believe but understand, after all we don’t talk about believing in the battle of Waterloo, because it is considered to be historic fact.

There is another event in J/C scriptures where one could think that telepathic communication had taken place. The woman that Jesus spoke to at Jacob’s well in Samaria when he told her that she had had five husbands, How could he have known that without reading her mind? The subliminal imagination is always at work exploring new ways to reduce the level of conflict within the UB, in this case it was attempting the heal the rift between the Jews and Samaritans. NIV John 4 : 17 – 19. Jesus living very close to Reality always spoke and behaved instinctively, considering it to be God’s will. It was always healing in nature and on this occasion a social healing.

Belief enhancement by suggestion (hypnoses) although intriguing, will not be able to achieve this effect because there is no coercive element involved but self hypnoses might but if it did it would not always be a ‘healing’ interaction, magic in effect, adverse logical consequence would be sure to follow because the ’noise level’ within the UB could inadvertently be increased by self interested motivation. This is due to the polarization of the conscious and subconscious dichotomy of the human mind, both individual and collective.

If we try to used telepathy as an advanced means of communication using a conscious understanding, it would be motivated by self interest that I refer to as unRealistic motivation, Such motivation would result in adverse consequences being realized.


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