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The Psychodynamics of UFOs, Religion and Second mindedness.

What is second or double mindedness, and how does it arise within a human brain? The human brain is in more or less two halves, the right and the left. The two halves are connected together by a bundle of nerve fibres referred to as the “corpus callosum” which contains relatively fewer nerve fibres compared with the neural network that makes up the two brain hemispheres. This means that, in some areas of each half brain, there is a slight degree of autonomy.

The personality center point of an individual human mind must be in one side of the brain or the other, but not in both. Sometimes, however, a separate center point starts to develop in each half of the embryonic brain. Usually one center point will become redundant and just fizzle out, leaving just one mind to develop. On rare occasions, both centers develop side by side, with one playing a dominant role. This becomes the mind of the person involved, the dominant or host mind. The other center develops a totally separate second mind below the awareness level of the dominant mind. This is above and beyond the ‘normal’ separate working of the two halves. Effectively, it amounts to two personalities in the same brain.

The phenomenon of double mindedness is a family trait passed down from generation to generation. The second mind is living closer to Reality than its physical host, due to its simplicity. although it is not living in Reality because it shares many functions with its physical host. This means that the second mind is still concerned about survival, although not as strongly as its host.

Years can pass without the second mind making itself known to its physical host, although there is a low level conflict between the two minds which steadily increases, causing the physical host mind to become more unstable over time. At the highest point of instability, the second mind is able to break through and make its awesome presence known to its physical host as a divine figure of some kind, due to its proximity to Reality. At this point it is this Divine God like figure that becomes the spiritual host and the original physical host person that now becomes its willing servant or disciple, it is a joyful uplifting event for the "gifted" person. It is perceived by the gifted person as being outside of 'his' own body --real self. Furthermore, the local coercive interaction between the two minds, that cohabit the same brain like a master and his servant, can enhance the universal belief closer to Reality. This is the essence of scriptural charisma and the realm of so-called miracles.

The enhancement is below the awareness level of all those concerned, who witness events that are considered to be supernatural taking place around them further reinforcing the beliefs of all concerned that the new spiritual host must be a God of some kind. Such events are usually healing in nature because the level of conflict within the universal belief is reduced. This is what belief enhancement means; it’s not just changing one belief for another. The beliefs mentioned are unconscious beliefs much like software running in a computer.

A 'man' with this kind of double mindedness possesses what is call “charisma” and is a so-called Prophet because he is able to create the future within the universal belief. Isaiah is a good example of this phenomenon. This kind of interaction with Reality; is an interaction that sometimes becomes contaminated by speculation from the gifted person. This is the root cause of all religious controversy and conflict. This is also the basis of most of humanity’s thoughts about God, since the second mind is perceived as being outside the real self and outside the space and time round it.

Those who inherit this gift from their family line perceive their new found host from a deeper perspective than the rest of us because they tend to identify their own being as the ‘essence of the real self’ ERS instead of their ‘real self.’ It is what some people call the soul and indeed it is the only Real thing about our being. They perceive the new found host, due to its proximity with Reality, as a Divine figure living apart from their ‘real self.’ Sometimes the new host being is perceived as an Angel, an extra-terrestrial life form, sometimes as a God, depending on location and education, even the Christian God that has no name or even Jesus, as St Paul perceived is newly emerged second mind on the road to Damascus.

This is the realm of the Gods and they need to be respected because they are super human life forms in their own right that are living closer to the spirit of Reality than most human kind and should not be give reason for concern. They too are concerned about self survival when the chips are down and will dramatically protect them selves, if need be, by enhancing the UB detrimentally against those who cause concern. This is what is meant by having a 'spell' put on one's person. The Real God if we must use the word God is the spirit of Reality and living in the spirit of Reality is the ultimate spiritually and enlightenment, beyond all religion.

The phenomenon of a second minded relation with Reality goes hand in hand with another gift which is also a family trait, the gift of a deep trance hypnotic profile. About one in twenty human individuals have both these gifts together, such are hypo sensitive to hypnotic suggestion. These two gifts work together firstly because of the trust and reverence that the gifted one has for the new host being who can move closer to Reality hence developing charisma in his or her own right. In this situation the new host being/mind is not only able to 'hypnotize' the gifted person's mind into perceiving a modified version of reality according to his or her hearts desire but can also by working with the real self of the gifted one enhance the universal belief. The enhanced universal belief is perceived in due course as a ‘supernatural’ social healing event of some kind. From the superficial point of view the hypnotic effect gives rise to spontaneous hallucinations. These days such gifted minds will perceive UFOs and extra-terrestrials life forms even the aftermath of so-called ancient aliens, as real entities because they can be enhanced into the UB by the second mind, hence perceived as real by all those present. It is virtually impossible for such 'gifted' individuals to be objective about their altered perceptions of reality. In days gone bye Angels and Gods were more in fashion than they are to in the so-called 21st century.

Before we can fully understand UFOs and Alien life forms phenomena or even Religion we need to think about the so-called universe or cosmos in a very different way than is current; as a consequence of collective unconscious belief as apposed to a consequence of objective fact. Bearing in mind that current understanding can not produce satisfactory answers regarding the so-called Big Cosmological Questions.

This is the phenomenon of second mindedness that fashions the ideas and perceptions of God of the vast majority of people who are not gifted in this way, but are inspired by the charisma of those few gifted individuals who, from time to time, come into their midst, and who do. This phenomenon is awesome to all who witness the supernatural events that it engenders. It is the occurrence of supernatural events that convinces so many people that they must be caused by God, not the things that the gifted ones persons talk about regarding their understanding of them. So far as the Jewish faith is concerned, this is the Old Testament interaction with Reality, which amounts to a proxy interaction with the spirit of Reality, a proxy in the form of Jehovah, an intermediary between the spirit of Reality and mankind. Jehovah must be respected but not necessarily followed. Even the Christian God that has no name must likewise be respected but not necessarily followed either.

As a consequence, faith means believing in the existence of such a God, a divine invisible being who exists in the “spirit world,” who occasionally talks, in “revelations”, to certain people, referred to as “Prophets”. This kind of interaction with Reality always becomes contaminated by speculation from the minds of the gifted ones, and such speculation is added to by disciples of the faith as time goes on, eventually becoming top-heavy with rules and regulations that clouds the spirit of it.

With the advent of Jesus of Nazareth, a new kind of interaction with Reality was demonstrated, a direct interaction. At this point, double-mindedness was superseded by a loving, caring, healing interaction with the whole of humanity instead of the rather clannish and apparently vindictive nature of a proxy relationship as demonstrated in the Old Testament. In order to embrace this type of interaction with Reality, one needs to understand and perceive God as the spirit of Reality, as opposed to the intermediary, proxy interaction represented by Jehovah and the like.

When we actually believe in God, not just the existence of God, God becomes real to us. God is spirit, specifically the spirit of Reality, and when the spirit of Reality becomes real we live in that spirit. This is what is meant by a direct interaction with Reality. It is important to realize that, when we upgrade into Reality, it not only changes us as a person but also the world in which we live. Our new, upgraded world interacts with the people around us in a loving, healing way. We are then driven directly by Reality which, in theological terms, is the Mind of the God, with God being the spirit of Reality or in theological terms the Holy Spirit.

This type of interaction with the spirit of Reality demonstrates that we can never have a conscious understand the truth or the meaning of life, because all that an individual can ultimately embrace is his Real self which is an integral part of Reality, not the whole of it. This is why Jesus of Nazareth, who was living in his Real self, an entity he referred to as the Son of Man—the essence of Jesus—can be considered to be a Son of God, a smaller part of the whole, from the emotional point of view, it is bit like a father and son relationship.

This is just one way in which the Universal Belief becomes enhanced. We all have a small measure of charisma in one form or another, and events created with what can be referred to ‘normal’ charisma are just as dramatic when ‘normal’ charisma interacts collectively with Reality, although such events are not considered to be supernatural because of the understanding we share regarding them. Natural ‘disasters’ and technological innovation are but two such manifestations, but never as dramatic a so-call Biblical charisma.

Science perceives its inventions, 'discovers' and inhalations as real because it comes to unconsciously believe in their reality which means that it has 'unconscious' faith in its conscious understanding of such innovations and 'discoveries' etc. The so-called 'discoveries' are actually inventions by the collective unconscious imagination of humanity especially so-called past events because past events are also an integral part of the universal belief.




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