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Universal Belief

Global Warming, Global Dimming and Climate Change

Alex J Morrey

Thinking about global warming from the point of view of the understanding expressed in the book entitled WAFtoT is quite interesting because it subtends a deeper perspective than 21st century science is able to achieve currently. By thinking of the world as a universal belief (UB) instead of a universe of objective fact

We all know about global warming and we think of it as the logical consequences of the large amounts of carbon dioxide being put into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas etc., but the root cause is because we all want more and more of everything and it is this unRealistic motivation that polarizes the human mind even more than it normally is.

The human mind both individual and collective consists of two parts the conscious and the unconscious, and since we have no direct access to the unconscious mind we ignore it using only the conscious mind in our dealings with the world and with each other. If the motivation of our conscious efforts become more and more unRealistic the ’gap’ between the two minds becomes greater leaving the unconscious mind relatively closer to Reality than the wayward conscious mind.

Any mind, or even part of a mind, which is closer to Reality than the minds around it, will enhance the UB via the coercive interaction creating future events within the UB which are realized in due courses as real events. In the case of global warming, realized enhanced beliefs will be adverse. Belief enhancement is driven by Reality is such a way as to reduce the level of conflict within the UB, the level of conflict can be likened to electronic noise within the UB. There are no moral standards of any kind being applied.

In order to make complete sense of what I’m talking about here we need to think of the UB as the universe, the world in which we live. The so-called dark energy that pervades the UB/universe/reality is none other the coercive interaction between all the individual unconscious minds of humanity. It will not be until we understand this simple truth about humanity that we will be able to do anything constructive about adverse events caused by the polarization of human minds.

The same thing applies to Global Dimming, which is due to dust particles in the atmosphere, and one may well ask what can we do to resolve this problem. There is only one solution which is to get rid of the unconscious human mind. Paradoxically in order to do this we need to get rid of the conscious human mind by allowing it to ‘merge’ with the unconscious mind to form one integrated logical structure which means that our thought processes will then operate below awareness level, so that in effect we operate ‘instinctively’ by living in our Real self in the spirit of Reality.

This, of course, can only be achieved at the individual level because each individual human will has to be involved, it can not be achieved on-mass by any form of religion. We are only true individuals in Reality, where the overlapping part of each Real self is in total harmony with each other Real self. Under these conditions we no longer possess the urge or the need to act in self interest, to say nothing of self preservation, compromise then becomes redundant and so does the coercive interaction.

When the collective unconscious mind of humanity becomes unRealistically motivated it will distort our perception of reality more that usual resulting in adverse consequences being 'engendered' into the universal belief that are perceived in due course as catastrophic events of some kind. For example, global warming is the means, unRealistic motivation is the cause.

Where Angels Fear to Tread considers this issue from many different perspectives not just scientific.



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